'Captain America 3' Updates: Robert Downey Jr. Joins the Cast

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'Captain America 3' Updates:  Robert Downey Jr. Joins the Cast

Marvel fans all over the globe have been talking about Robert Downey Jr.'s affirmation that he and the "Captain America 3" movie are on their final negotiations. Marvel's decision to team up Iron Man with Captain America is a wise move because we all know that Iron Man has many followers.  In the "Captain America 3" movie, Iron Man is going to play a key role in bringing Marvel's comic book storyline into the movie screen. The Civil War storyline on the third Captain America movie will trigger the beginning of new movies from the Marvel Studio. 

If the final negotiations between Marvel and Downey will be successful, they will begin their production immediately because of the scheduled Spring release, the target release date is on May 6, 2016. According to the sources from Forbes, it is most likely that the negotiations will have a positive result since Downey is very keen on playing the role of Iron Man again. Downey thinks that people seeing him in both the "Age of Ultron" movie and the 2016 Captain America movie will be a lasting legacy on his part.

In the third installment of the Captain America movie, we will be seeing a Stark who will be pitted against Steve Rogers, the alter-ego of Captain America. They have arguments over the Superhero Registration Act of the US government that forces all people with superhuman abilities to expose their identities to the US government for monitoring. Stark is all out for the program while Steve Rogers doesn't agree since he feels that it will threaten the freedom of the person with unique abilities. 

Marvel will soon announce their plans to further their Civil War comic book mini series next year.  It will help their avid readers to understand the story more, leading up to the "Captain America 3" movie.  This is according to the Variety Online Publication report. 

Variety also mentioned that marvel originally wanted Downey for a small role, but they thought that Stark's presence would strengthen the storyline. Because of this, Downey's role became more substantial. This recent development truly made the Marvel fanatics more delighted.

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