Anthony Skinner Pens Modern Hymn "The Sound That Saved Us All" After Hearing Song from The Andy Griffith Show

Anthony Skinner

One of the highlights of the church-going experience, among many, is participating as an entire congregation in the singing of hymns. They've provided inspiration and uplifting sentiments for centuries.

Franklin-based songwriter Anthony Skinner is no exception to the power of hymns and even penned his own modern take "The Sound that Saved Us All."

"I probably start my week out, three to five days of the week, with a hymnal at a piano, just praying the words," says Skinner. "One of the reasons that I do that is, the words are so well crafted and beautifully thought out, that it pulls beautiful things out of me."

Skinner cites the popular 1960s television series The Andy Griffith Show as a major influence. After hearing the characters sing "All Hail the Power of Jesus' Name," Skinner says the lyric struck a chord inside his soul.

"The words captured my imagination," says Skinner who promptly went to the piano and started writing "The Sound That Saved Us All," drawing from "All Hail The Power Of Jesus' Name" and "Amazing Grace" to write a song that honors both.

Via Integrity Music, you can pick up a deluxe single version of "The Sound That Saved Us All."

When not writing or leading worship with The Immersion Family Band, Skinner is busy speaking and teaching on worship and the arts. For further information, visit

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