Venture3Media Releases 2nd Album In Simple Hymns Series: Songs Of Worship

Simple Hymns Series: Songs Of Worship

Venture3Media (V3M) continues its Simple Hymns series with today's (Oct. 4) release of Simple Hymns: Songs of Worship featuring such well-known worship leaders as Mack Brock (Elevation Worship), Chris McClarney (Jesus Culture), Paul And Hannah McClure (Bethel Music), Anthony SkinnerSean Carter and more. The 10-hymn album is available at iTunesApple MusicSpotifyGoogle Play and additional digital and streaming outlets globally.

Along with the new music, compelling acoustic videos of all the songs being sung by the artists were recorded and are featured on a companion Simple Hymns: Songs of Worship Digital Deluxe version of the album that is exclusively available from Apple Music and iTunes.

Songs of Worship is the second of several new recordings in the Simple Hymns series to release over the next year. The new album follows the Songs of Redemption recording that released Aug. 30 and features Pat Barrett (Housefires)Leigh Nash (Sixpence None the Richer)Dan KochAaron Keyes and several more acclaimed worship leaders.

Each new recording in the Simple Hymns series combines classic Hymns with a fresh interpretation, some with additional lyrics, as well as new songs that have been written and recorded in a hymn-like style and focusing on the Majesty and Greatness of God.

"Simple Hymns is a response to those that long for a return to a richer and more lyric focused worship expression, combined with a simplicity of musical instrumentation," shares Venture3Media president and founder Steve Nicolle. "Worship music shifts in style from decade to decade, along with shifts in lyrical themes and focus. What makes the hymns so unique and special is their ability to stand the test of time. When times become more turbulent or uncertain, we tend to hold to things that have endured. Hymns give us that anchor, and remind us that God's love and His nature are unchanging."

Some of the classic hymns in this second Simple Hymns installment include songs written by Fanny Crosby and Charles Wesley, as well as John Fellows' "None But Thee" that receives additional lyrics written by Eric Marshall (Young Oceans). This song was newly recorded by Brock.

Other featured tracks include Walter Smith's "Immortal Invisible" performed by McClarney with modern interpretation by McClarney, Chris Eaton and John HartleyEdward Perronet's "The Sound That Saved Us All" with a fresh interpretation and performance by Skinner, James Montgomery's "Glory To The Father Give" performance by Carter, and Crosby and Robert Lowry's "All The Way My Savior Leads Me" featuring the McClure's with additional lyrics by Chris Tomlin and Matt Redman.

"These hymns and videos are purposefully simple with acoustic instrumentation, nothing overproduced to allow them to be sung by worship leaders in the most unplugged setting, or added to the worship music song selections in any sized church," says Nicolle. "These Simple Hymns are also well suited as a background for personal worship, reflection and devotions."

Future Simple Hymns releases that are already being developed will feature hymns set around communion, praise, Christmas, Easter and more.

The full Simple Hymns: Songs of Worship track listing follows:

01) None But Thee (Featuring Mack Brock)

02) Immortal Invisible (Featuring Chris McClarney)

03) The Sound That Saved Us All (Featuring Anthony Skinner)

04) He Is Mine Forever (The King Of Love) (Featuring Abby Eaton)

05) Holy, Holy, Holy (The Sound Of Glory) (Featuring Chris Wenenig)

06) Glory To The Father Give (Featuring Sean Carter)

07) Jesus Is Lord (Featuring Chris Moerman and Casey Harper)

08) All The Way My Savior Leads Me (Featuring Paul and Hannah McClure)

09) Jesus The Name High Over All (Featuring Chris Lawson Jones)

10) Benediction (May The Peace Of God) (Featuring Patrick Mayberry)

For all the latest Simple Hymns news, visit www.simplehymns.comFacebookTwitterInstagram and YouTube.

About Venture3Media:

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