Moto 360 Latest Update: Price, Release Date, Squeezing All Specs Into A Small Gadget

moto 360

Moto 360 Latest Update: Price, Release Date, Squeezing All Specs Into A Small Gadget

Just this year, Motorola Company had a big announcement about what they are about to release to the public. From this news they have already provided some features of the gadget, following this information, they are now giving the specs about of the smart watch which is the "Moto 360".

From the official blog site of Motorola they enumerate the advantages of what it has.

Battery Saving - most of techie people consider a gadget that has a long life battery, especially if that particular gadget is always on the run, the group has enhanced "Moto 360", this gear is programmed to turn off the atmospheric mode when it hits 15% of its life. Compared to other brands that will just notify you about the percent of the battery and that gadget will do nothing to extend its battery life.

Synchronizing - all of the gadgets that we have, has an option like this, especially  highly enhanced gadget, so that user will have the same notifications regarding the messages he/she will receive. This is also one of the features of the smart watch of the company. With just lifting your risk about your chest level you don't need to pull out the hand phone outside your pocket to know who sent you a message. If you already viewed the notification prompted, you will have an option to view again your notification, you just have to click and slide, you can already retrieve it.

In terms of battery saving, Mood Lightning will also help to prevent its life from going down. This depends on where you are at the moment, it has the function of considering how bright is the light of the room or if you're out side the facility.

If you are using Bluetooth head phones, this has a ready connectivity for Bluetooth, for easy access.

Have you noticed that this has distinct shape, this is the only smart watch that has a round shape unlike the design of other brands.

Furthermore, if you're wondering how they squeezed in the mentioned features into a watch, only developers will have the full details about it. This is still not the full detail about the gadget, there are more information that you have to wait for.

Moreover, if you cannot wait for this gadget to be released in your country, Australian has already the price and date for the "Black Leather Band" version of "Moto 360". It is said to launch on October 31 this year, with a price of $359. The other version, which has a "Stainless Steel Band" is set to release until next year as posted by Gizmodo.


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