Motorola’s Moto 360 smartwatch stands out from the LG G Watch and Samsung Gear Live with its stylish, round design


Holding out for a new smartwatch is a good move: it looks like the highly anticipated Moto 360 is one of the must-buys of the year for gadget aficionados.

What makes it different from what's out there is its stylish design. Unlike its square counterparts from Apple, LG, and Samsung,, the Moto 360 has gender-neutral round face which is encased in lightweight steel. Combined with a customizable leather strap, it appears to be a sleek dress watch.

Designed for left or right-hand use, Moto 360 has a touch screen, a built-in microphone and just a single button to turn the display on and off. Connectors, charging ports, and camera features are conspicuously absent.

In a recent demonstration, the Moto 360 will respond to voice commands for sending texts, playing music, and requesting direction. With the Moto 360, you can also receive and dismiss notifications, track fitness activity, and manage calls, notes, and reminders. And just like other Android Wear devices, the Moto 360 is compatible with any Android 4.3 phone.

Pricing remains a secret; but even with the reported $279 - $299 price range, the Moto 360 promises to be worth the wait.



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