‘The Walking Dead’ Season 5 Episode 2 Recap: Father Gabriel is Bad

The Walking Dead Season 5 Episode 2 Recap

'The Walking Dead' Season 5 Episode 2 Recap: Father Gabriel is Bad

When it comes to drama and horror, there are not many television series that can keep on the successful run even after so many seasons. As expected, the fifth season for "Walking Dead," one of the most popular series there is, started off with a lot of blood, zombies, and survival tactics.

Episode 2 was titled "Stranger" and it aired on television last Sunday. One of the biggest decisions made by the Rick and the group was that they will be heading towards Washington D.C. and it seems that fixing a bus is their best shot at travelling the distance without running into a zombie fight.

It all started with discussions on what's right after their last encounter with cannibals and zombies, which they had somehow survived. Rich and Carl are seen struggling to strike a chord and eventually things do get heated up between them from a situation. From what seems like a person's cries for help, Carl feels the urge to go and save him. Rick, on the other hand, with all his experience, tries to tell Carl that going into the unknown woods is just too risky for everyone.

Meanwhile, the group also runs into a new character, Father Gabriel who offers food and shelter in the church. Rick does not trust this Father a lot and asks few questions of the whereabouts. It is learnt that Father Gabriel has been hiding and has no idea how to kill the zombies. His behavior makes Rick suspicious, which is shown towards the end of the episode. Gareth also comes to the church eventually where Bob as to deal with his abnormalities in his leg. Ultimately, it was cut off.  

Abraham and Eugene find a bus in the warehouse and they try to make it work somehow with their available tools. It's not clear whether they will be able to do something with them.

As for "The Walking Dead" season 5 episode 3 spoilers are concerned, it will be called "Four Walls and a Roof" and Rick will find himself in a bad situation against a group of people who are possibly with Father Gabriel.   

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