‘Marvel's Age of Ultron’ Trailer: New Additional Great Super Heroes to Fight Evil

Marvel's Age of Ultron
(Photo : Marvel's Age of Ultron)

'Marvel's Age of Ultron' Trailer: New Additional Great Super Heroes to Fight Evil

The darkest days of the Marvel Universe will again start this March with one of the most highly anticipated movie for 2015, Marvel's "Avenger: The Age of Ultron." Although Marvel's Age of Ultron Trailer leaks online days before the intended release of the official movie trailer, Marvel is pleased to release the official teaser trailer of the film that introduces additional great Super Heroes who will join and fight together with the others to stop Ultron from crafting his evil plans.

In Marvel's Age of Ultron trailer, a lot of "The Avengers" fans are really becoming even more excited to watch the film on the big screen. With Scarlet Witch, Quicksilver and Vision being introduced to the finest team of superhero on Earth in Marvel Studio's "The Avengers: Age of Ultron," writer & director Joss Whedon has a challenge on his hands with regards to the careful management of the story arcs and screen time of the characters. Everyone really wants their most favorite comic book character to join the Avengers and save the Universe.

Of course, there are also a lot of demands that come from the comic book fans who would like to see their favorite superhero to have a standalone movie, whether it is Black Panther or Captain Marvel. For now, moviegoers and fans are happy with the introduction of the new characters and are very excited about the movie and the role that every superhero will play.

Marvel's Age of Ultron Trailer gives wonderful glimpses of each of the characters and further references from Marvel's comics that were woven into a big-screen universe.

Ultron has emerged and has been making evil plans to bring destruction to humanity. It is now up to the great super heroes to work together and find a way to stop him from designing his evil plans. With the evolution of robots now in full force, no can should miss how Age of Ultron will chance the Marvel Universe.

What important role will the additional Super Heroes play on the film? It is of note that "The Avengers: Age of Ultron" is set for release on May 2015.


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