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The Horn Family

RayLynn Records is poised to release one of this year's most important releases the debut record by the Horn Family on March 4, 2014.  Already causing a stir among many Christian music fans is their radio single "For the Life of Me."  After over a decade of touring, performing over a 100 dates a year, they are finally ready to release their debut record "The Horn Family."  We are grateful to be able to spend some time with them for this exclusive interview:  

Hallels:  For our readers who may not be familiar with you, tell us who is the Horn Family?  And how would you describe your sound and music?  

The Horn Family is, Bothers Joel and Jamie Horn, and their wife's, Tina Horn, Joel's wife, and Tracy Horn, Jamie's wife. We've been singing together for aprox 16 yrs as The Horn Family. Raised in the Coal Mining Hills of Southwest Virginia. Pks Preachers Kids....that really means Perfect Kids,,, band consist of Piano Player/Vocalist Joel Horn, Tina, Tracy and Jamie Horn, Vocalist. Bass Player, Uncle Scott Brown, Guitar Player Sidney Helton, Drummer Jordan Horn, Sound Crew...Taylor and Caleb Horn.  

Hallels:  Tell us a little about your journey, how did you get signed to RayLynn Records that lead to the release of your brand new album "The Horn Family"? 

Our Music and sound:  We are a mix between southern/country gospel a little contemporary mix as well. Grew up on The Hinsons, Paynes, and musical influence, The Crabb Family. We are an uptempo energetic group who loves to minister. 

Hallels:  This record is produced by Bob Simpson and Mark Collie.  Mark Collie was a country artist with big hits in the 90s such as "Born to Love You" and "Even the Man in the Moon is Crying."  How was it like working with both gentlemen?  

Bob and Mark: Wow!!! awesome people. I cant give you the right words to express our Love , Respect, and Gratitude toward these men  Bob: Not only is he the owner and producer of Raylynn Records but majority owner of The Texas Rangers Baseball Team as well.   He and his wife Janice are some of the greatest people weve ever called our friends. Great Christian Folks! with a passion for God.  Bob and Janice both wrote songs on our new project that is going to change lives forever. They started this Raylynn Records ministry to see souls saved and to build the Kingdom of God and its happening!!! and The Horn Family are so honored they would allow us to be apart of their vision.
 and did I mention, Bob plays a mean Putt Putt golf 

Mark: Where do ya of the greatest songwriters who ever pick up a pen, writer, singer, actor, the list goes on. Five or Six years ago our family were blessed to meet mark in a Homecoming service we were performing at in Alabama. Instantly there was a connection in our hearts with Mark. He treated us with the upmost respect, he a star taking time for our little family from the hills of Virginia. That kindness impacted The Horn Family forever. It took a few more years after that meeting for Gods plan to put us together on an album in Nashville tenn. but with God its all about timing. He and his wife Tammy believed in The horn family and introduced us to Bob and Janice Simson and we fell in love with their entire family. Under the direction of Gods plan in allowing  Mark and Tammy collie to cross paths with The Horn Family, that's why we are here today, releasing our first album with raylynn records with songs written by mark collie, march 4th, through Provident Distribution.....Mark and Bob two of the greatest men ive ever met... 

Hallels:  One of the most interesting song on the album is "Mary Magdalene (Why You Crying)."  Can you tell our readers what the song's about and why did you choose it? 

Mary Magdalene: That song came to us from Buddy Cannon, Nashville Producer on such albums as Kenny Chesney etc. .He and his daughter  Melonie Cannon wrote that song.  This is a song about a woman named Mary who was a sinful woman, known throughout the land for her sin. She was brought to Jesus to be stoned to death for her sins, but Jesus loved her beyond her sin and because no one else there that day was sin free, and loved her enough to save her life from a sure death. She didn't have to cry anymore! The motive behind this song for The Horn Family to deliver, is to let those who are hurting and crying in this world because of the sins in their life, know that there is someone, named Jesus who will forgive their sins, and mistakes and take you from the guttermost to the uttermost!! change your life and start one brand new, and to let them know, hey!! you don't have to cry anymore:) your forgiven!! 

Hallels:  As a family you have also written a few songs on the disc, does song writing come easy to you?  Hallels:  If you were to chose two songs that you are most proud of from the CD, which would they be?  And why?  

Songwriting: There are times ya have it and times ya don't,,lol......its seems as though to write a song that is going to minister and encourage, you first have to go through a storm or a battle in your own life before it can be written. I believe that is Gods way to insure that song will fulfill his complete circle and purpose for his will, for either a ballad or an uptempo song. As a writer, the emotions and feelings we have when we come through the storm or battle in our lives, we will deliver that song the way God intended it be and therefore it does a work for the kingdom of God.

Favorite 2 songs:  For The Life Of Me/ written by Mark Collie and Ronnie Bowman, and Rise Above The Fall/ written by Tracy Horn.  For the life of me, speaks my spirit every time I listen, because it says for the life of me I don't why he(Jesus) even takes the time to care for a heart like mine, I cant understand, for the life of me....but it goes on to say why.... it was for the Life of me, so I could be set free from sin, and to save my Life from!!!!  For The Life Of Me!!!!

Rise Above The Fall: This song is an everybody song.   Who among us has never fallen down and felt like our sin or mistakes would take us down forever? Beaten down by this world, friends and  piers because they seen you fall. That's not always easy to overcome, but Jesus dosent do that, the lyrics say" he loves you anyway, when I get weak on my journey he gives me the strength to say, I'm down but I'm not out, I'm hurt but have no fear, I'll get up from here!!!! (Oh I'm gonna have a little church!!!!) "You may see my battle scares, wounds and a broken heart, but that's not the end at all, I'm Gonna  Rise Above The fall" That's our message to this world!!! 

Hallels:  If our readers would like to purchase your album, where can they to to purchase and find out more about you?         

Our new album: Available March 4th @ , iTunes, Amazon, Christian Retailers, Lifeway and Family Christian  

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