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Bread of Stone
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Comprising of Ben Kristijanto, Bill Kristijanto, Tim Barnes and Wesley Holt, the Bread of Stone is set to release the deluxe edition of "The Real Life" on March 18, 2014. Having toured with a veritable 'Who's Who' of major CCM artists, including: Newsboys, Seventh Day Slumber, Superchick, Petra, Building 429 and others, Bread  Of Stone has matured in their music and message, and returns with their new album 'The Real Life'. Fresh, daring, innovative, contemporary and heartfelt are some adjectives that come to mind in describing their new music on DREAM Records.  We are honored to be able to share this exclusive interview with you: 

Hallels:  Thank you for doing this interview with us.  Tell us about the name of your band "Bread of Stone."  It sounds like they are taken from the words of Jesus with an interesting twist.  Is this right?

BOS: You are welcome, Hallels. This is our pleasure! The name Bread of Stone is the analogy that represents who we are as a band. Bread of Stone symbolizes how we all start out as useless stones but once the Lord comes into our heart He transforms us into Bread to share His love with others.

Hallels: For readers who may not be familiar with your music, how would you describe your sound? 

BOS: I would say that our sound is a mix of vivacious pop rock!

Hallels: Congratulations on the release of "The Real Life" (Deluxe Edition).  My first impression is that it's a very daring record.  On the title cut "The Real Life" you even sing against evolution!  Not many people are gutsy enough to even talk about it, lest sing about it.  So you have my admiration and respect.  Why do you think it's important to address an issue like that? 

BOS: Thank you very much! We are very excited to have the opportunity to have a (Deluxe Edition) of the record. The song does lean towards evolution, but the point we are trying to show is how everything is so complicated and ridiculous in the world we live in today.  Society tends to put their time and energy into things that are meaningless instead of focusing on the thing that really matters in life - LOVE. We are trying to refocus ourselves through this song. Asking Jesus to transform our hearts and renew our spirts to realize "The Real Life" is Jesus..not anything the world has to offer.

Hallels:  What were some of the challenges as well as joys in making the "Real Life"?

BOS: With the making of this album the single biggest challenge was actually getting it finished! The steps that have to be taken while producing a full-length album seems never-ending at times, but with the Lord's guidance and mercy, it's now FINISHED! The joys during this process also seem never-ending, as well. Many of the most powerful moments for us is while writing songs. The opportunity to quiet our minds before the Lord and listen to what He wants us to say in the songs is joy within itself.

Hallels:  I love the song "Parachute."  This song is full of imagination; in fact, the imagery is so real I can even picture the song as I am hearing it.  Can you tell our readers what "Parachute" is about?

BOS: We're so glad you like "Parachute"! That's awesome! It's one of our favorites to perform live, for sure! "Parachute" is talking about how we are all a "freefalling disaster"-we are living life at 100 miles an hour and don't even realize how fast we are falling until it is too late. When accepting Jesus, He becomes our Parachute! He breaks our fall! He has done this personally within all of our lives, and we believe He can do it in so many others, as well!

Hallels:  How is this deluxe edition different from the original issue of "The Real Life."

BOS: The deluxe edition will have five additional tracks added to the album! Some brand new songs and a couple rockin' remixes to some already familiar songs!

Hallels:  So, what exactly is the "real life"?

BOS: The "real life" for us, as Bread of Stone, is Jesus Christ. Period. End of story. Jesus is the only real thing about this world. Everything else is enormously superficial. We don't want our hearts to be attached or bothered by anything we can physically see or hear but rather be concerned with Jesus Christ inside of each of us.

 Hallels:  For our readers who are interested in purchasing the deluxe version of "The Real Life" and/or those who like to find out more about you,  where can they go?

 BOS: Everyone can absolutely visit our website,, to purchase the album. Also, they can be our friend on facebook, And they can follow us on twitter and instagram for daily updates-@breadofstone.

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