Moto 360 Smartwatch Release Date, Functions, Designs and more: New Designs Unveiled

moto 360 smartwatch

Moto 360 Smartwatch Release Date, Functions, Designs and More: New Designs Unveiled

If you are not satisfied with how smartwatch looks like now, then you might just like the Moto 360 smartwatch which aims for a better looking watch with the same function as the regular smartwatch. It combines both artistry and functionality all in one helpful device. Read on for more details about this famous Moto smartwatch.

Let's talk about Moto 360 price first. The retail price will be at an average of $329 and will be available for both steel silver with a stone leather band or a more expensive steel band. Moto 360 smartwatch release date for the steel band design is pegged to be sometime this 2015.

Now let's talk about Moto 360 features.

If you are asking why you should prefer it over other smartwatches, it is simply because it is not your ordinary smart watch. The watch displays notification according to what you are currently doing. Also, you will be able to check out weather information, flight alerts, traffic and more from your watch. Smart Company further adds that the device has voice control, which allows the users to issue commands for sending text messages, setting calendar reminders without using nay of their hand. What makes it preferable as well is that it helps track progress of your daily heart rate which helps on monitoring your health.
Moto 360 is now available in silver and black stainless steels with finishes, with grey and black leather band. There is even a rumored champagne color subject for confirmation.  

We are looking forward to hearing your own review of Moto 360 smartwatch. 

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