Incubus New Album Latest News and Updates; Frontman and Guitarist “Plotting” Something


Incubus New Album Latest News and Updates; Frontman and Guitarist "Plotting" Something

The members of the band Incubus have mostly been a bit off the limelight in recent years doing their own, individual projects; however, from the recent look of things, it seems like an Incubus new album is in the works.

The last album released by the band was "If Not Now, When,' which was released in 2011 and contained the hit singles 'Promises' and 'Adolescents.' That was the first new music that the band has produced in years, after their 'Monuments and Melodies' collection in 2009, which included some rare hits and singles which they have spawned in between major albums.

While working in between the albums, frontman Brandon Boyd worked on his own solo album 'Sons of the Sea' while guitarist Mike Einziger worked for a time with EDM artist Aviccii as well as provided music to The Amazing Spider-Man 2 score. Earlier this summer, however, the two planted the idea that they are working on something when Boyd posted a photo of himself and Einziger in a studio, captioning it with: "Plotting."

Einziger shared more regarding the band's much anticipated re-grouping:

"I feel like it's the first album we've made since 2006. We start touring Australia in February and plan to just be on the road next year. I would imagine we'll have something come out in February before the first tour starts early next year. Right now, we have about six songs in various stages of completion; a lot of them are just the music. Brandon's been out of town, so we've been sending him music and he's been writing lyrics while traveling. Our only concrete plan right now is to work until the end of the year." 

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