Zane and Donna King “Mile Marker One” Album Review

zane and donna king

Prime Cuts: No One Like God, Keep Me in Your Will, Anything

Zane and Donna King are great travelling companions. More perspicacious than "Lonely Planet," Zane and Donna King have a way of tracing the workings of God through life's journey via their well-crafted songs.  And functioning like a strong and burly friend who never leaves our side in life's darkest alleys, these songs are going to be songs we will find ourselves singing to when we feel entrap in life's disappointments.  "Mile Marker One," the couple's brand new record, is like a reliable spiritual GPS; it will help us navigate through life's peaks and valleys with the certainty that Christ is with us.  Thus, with this record, God sightings in life will become easier especially in times when life's fogs blur our vision.  Produced by Donna King, "Mile Marker One" contains of nine God saturated songs co-written or written by the couple, bookended with the hymn "Great is Thy Faithfulness."  With the ending reprise version of the hymn sung by Donna and Zane in Spanish.

The names Donna and Zane King are synonymous with Southern Gospel Music.  Prior to her marriage to Zane, Donna was a member of the Southern Gospel group Hope's Call.   And after, the Kings has had been wearing many hats.  Donna herself has not only written many hit songs for other acts, but she has produced over 500 albums, most recently the latest releases by Mercy's Well and the Williamsons.  Zane, on the hand, is a musician par excellence, it has been said that Zane can play any instrument he puts his hands to.  Together, the couple are also heavily involved with a child development ministry via Compassion International.   In the midst of their busy schedules, they have found time to record their brand new album together, "Mile Marker One," which has been preceded with a slew of radio hit singles such as "If There Was Any Other Way," "Hallelujah Jesus Saves," "Shine" and their latest "No One Like God."

Gushing out of the gates of this record is Zane's rendition of the hymn "Great is Thy Faithfulness." With the sprightly sounds of the steel guitar and fiddle coupled with Zane's Southern drawls, the Kings' version of "Great is Thy Faithfulness" brings out a rustic warmth to the song's lyrics:  "morning by morning new mercies I see."  Set at a Celtic-esque dance pace with lots of ear-grabbing fiddles "No One Like God" is a worship number that is centered on God's sovereign ways.  Talk about ear-grabbing tunes, don't miss "Hallelujah What a Savior," a song that will get our feet tapping and our lips whistling in no time.  And by interweaving snippets of the hymn "I'll Fly Away," this song is a definite sing-along delight.  Mining the theological mire of how we can shine despite our sufferings is the thoughtful country shuffle "Shine."

But it's in the ballads that the couple really shines.  "Keep Me in Your Will" is a stab to the heart.  For those of us who have had made foolish choices in the past, "Keep Me in Your Will" marries both contrition and grace in gorgeous spades.  Sounding so much like Sandi Patty, Donna showcases her vocal colors on "Anything."  Chronicling through the ministry of Jesus, from his ability to move mountains to calming the raging waters to his giving of himself on the Cross, "Anything" speaks of Christ's love and power in ways that just ministers.  If life is indeed a journey filled with detours, landslides, roadblocks and road repairs, it's easy to get discouraged along the way.  "Mile Marker One" is a great travelling companion that seeks to remind us that we are not alone in our walk.  Rather, these songs remind us that He is there, ahead of us, and that's enough.        



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