Kathy Taylor, Inspiration to Sarah McLachlan, Dies at Age 34

kathy taylor

Kathy Taylor, an inspiration to singer and songwriter Sarah McLachlan, has lost her battle with cancer and she has died at age 34, Taylor died in her home in Utah last Wednesday (Dec. 31).  

Taylor first discovered she had an agressive form of cancer when she was 26 weeks pregnant. Taylor did what she could to keep the pregnancy going and gave birth on Sept. 11 to son Luke, who weighed 1 pound, 15 ounces. He died weeks later.

Doctors had removed melanoma from Taylor's back seven years ago and it returned in June. Throughout her latest struggle with cancer, Taylor and her husband, Nate Taylor, blogged about her experience at  Taylor is also a woman of faith. She expresses her belief in prayer in her final post on Christmas Eve, saying she had tried to "hang on" until Christmas so she could share the holiday with her family.

"I have to admit it has been extremely hard and I pray constantly for strength to endure cheerfully, to be able to continue to be kind and nurturing to my family till the end and I've been praying to not be afraid of what the end will look like," she wrote.

When pop singer and Grammy Award winner Sarah McLachlan heard about Taylor's story, helped raise funds to cover Taylor's medical costs. Taylor previously recorded McLachlan's song, "I Will Remember You," and McLachlan helped make Taylor's version of the song available on iTunes with all proceeds going to her medical expenses, the Deseret News reported. Various fundraisers netted more than $70,000.




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