Carman- Cancer Update, Kickstarter Project Surpassed $200,000 goal

Carman Licciardello, who was diagnosed with terminal, multiple myeloma cancer last in February, began a CD and music video project with Kickstarter in April and has surpassed his $200,000 goal, reaching over $273,000 with 25 days of the project remaining.

The diagnosis stated that Carman had contracted cancer of the blood, which affects the body's bone marrow, and it was estimated that he had about a 3-5 year window left to live, according to a previous report by Mstars.

The funding of the Kickstarter project began on April 19 and will continue until June 18 (at 11:11 p.m.), which marks the end of a 60 day funding period.  The project currently has 2,807 backers and has raised about $273,410 so far, with 25 days still remaining.

"8 weeks ago I was diagnosed with incurable Multiple Myeloma Cancer and given a 3-5 year window of time. It seemed like a death sentence but through Kickstarter God have turned it into a life sentence," Carman had written onKickstarter when the project began.  "I'm so excited about this incredible opportunity we all have through 'Kickstarter' to make something happen as a team and a family. Through this fundraiser for a new CD and Video project, we can finally have something big we can interact on, on a personal level."

On May 15, after pledges came flooding in,Carman wrote onKickstarter, "folks you are the ones who have literally willed this man and this ministry back to life! Your prayers and belief in me are pushing this campaign into the to #3 all time slot for most money ever raised on Kickstarter. And it's a project for Jesus!! Now I believe I can be healed of this cancer and together we can be number #1."

This project is a chance for fans to get involved in the making of the new Carman CD.  They can donate anything from $1 to a few thousand dollars and be repaid for their financial investment through merchandise such as CDs, DVDs, t-shirts and even V.I.P. Elite concert tickets. Substantial investments are even rewarded with with a more direct connection with the CD, such as singing on the record, for investments as high as $5,000.

Carman will be touring throughout the U.S. in the fall and spring.  He posted a list of all of the cities that the tour will end up being nearby including locations in Alabama, Arizona, Colorado, California, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Maryland, Michigan, Missouri, Nebraska, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Columbia, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, Wisconsin and Washington.  Only 500 V.I. P. Elite passes to tour performances will only be offered for each city.

"As one fan said on Facebook 'Look at what Jesus did in 3 years'  So as for you and me, with this new project and us working together, the next 3 years are going to be a blast," Carman wrote onKickstarter.

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