The Erwins Talk About Defining Their Sound with their New Album "Ready to Sail"

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The Erwin's started singing as soon as they were each able to talk.  Appearing over 270 dates a year with their parents, who have been in full-time evangelism for 40 years, they have been traveling full-time their entire life singing in concerts, revivals, and conferences all across the country. 

Three of the four siblings,Keith (born 11-12-92), Kody (born 4-26-94) and Kris (born 5-5-96) performed as a trio until 2013, when the group announced that their little sister, Katie (born 9-19-00), would be joining the group full-time on stage, officially making them a Southern Gospel Mixed Group.

Recently they have signed with StowTown Records with their label debut "Ready to Sail" coming on February 3rd.  We are honored to catch up with them for this exclusive Hallels'interview.

Hallels:  How long have you been singing together as a family?  And how did you start?      

We have been singing all our lives.  Our dad has been in Evangelism for 41 years, so as soon as we could talk, we started singing nightly in services.  As we got older, the three boys formed a trio and then last year, we added Katie, our sister.  Keith recorded his first studio CD when he was 5 years old. Traveling and singing is all we really know and we are thankful for God's Calling and Direction on our lives.  

Hallels:  What made you decide to sign with StowTown Records?  

We have been contacted by several other record companies over the last couple of years and we were grateful that they were interested in us working with them.  However, we never felt led to partner with the other labels.  When we got the call about Stowtown, we knew it would be a perfect fit.  We have always respected and admired Wayne Haun and Ernie Haase and now with Landon Beene's knowledge added to the label, they have become one of the top labels in all of Gospel music.  What an honor to share this label with some of our heroes, with groups like Ernie Haase and Signature Sound, The Perrys, Triumphant, The Collingsworth Family, The Taylors, The Browns, Beyond the Ashes and of course TaRanda Greene.   

Hallels:  Is the recording of "Ready to Sail" different from your other recordings?          

"Ready to Sail" is our first recording that has all but one cover song.  We have always recorded "covers" and old favorites, so that's different.  With this project, we hope to "define" The Erwins sound and give our listeners a peak into what the future holds for us.  We were guided by the "Stowtown Team" and are thrilled with the outcome.  This was also our first time to work in a studio on Music Row (Sony Studios)....what a dream that was!  All the musicians were incredible and it was an honor to work with and watch Gordon Mote in action.  We can't wait to do it again. 

Hallels:  What do you want your readers to grasp after listening to "Ready to Sail"?      

After listening to "Ready to Sail", we hope everyone comes away with a strong desire to serve the Lord and to live for Him.  Each of these songs were picked because they blessed us in different ways.  We believe if the songs helped and moved us, they will help others.   

Hallels:  Has a single been sent to radio yet?  If so, tell us more about the single.      

Our first single, "I Choose To Be A Christian" has just been sent to radio.  This is an amazing song that we hope will become an anthem for Christians all over the country.  The moment we heard this song, written by Rachel McCutcheon, we wept and knew we needed to record it.   

Hallels:  What are you the most excited about this new album?  

We believe this new album has something for everyone.  While we were careful to keep a strong message lyrically and hold on to our Southern Gospel roots, we feel like we found songs that even the younger generation will embrace.  One of the goals of our ministry is to reach our generation along with those that already love Gospel music and to do that we feel we needed some fun and youthful songs without compromising the Gospel message.  .

Hallels:  For our readers who would like to purchase your new album or/and find out more about you, where can they go?  

To purchase "Ready to Sail" you can go to any retail store, retail websites,  or you can visit our website at 

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