David Phelps Finds "Freedom" Out of a Ghost Town

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Known for his powerhouse tenor David Phelps will be releasing his brand new album "Freedom" (Gaither Music Group) on April 14th.  The concept of the album was derived out of one of the songs on the new disc "Ghost Town."  

Phelps explains: "I began writing the era-based lyric in the verses and was amazed how the metaphor of Christ painted itself.  However, I got to the chorus and was stuck.  After playing it for (producer) Bill (Gaither), he agreed that it needed something different than what I had.  I went back to the drawing board.   "I asked myself, 'What is all this about?  It's not really about a 'Ghost Town' or a metaphor or even the specific deeds of Jesus.  It's about why He did what He did:  freedom!'  So much of our spiritual lives (and the songs on this project) are spent searching for or trying to cling to freedom 

"Freedom" is produced by Phelps and mentor/friend/gospel music legend Bill Gaither, underscores Phelps' ability to bring music to life. 

"Freedom is a bit of a return home for me," he describes.  "I love that the first song starts with the lyric, 'I'm back again....'  As the song 'I'm Coming Home' unfolded I knew that it had to be the first song on the project.  I began my recording career with a project that included songs like 'End of the Beginning,' 'Let the Glory Come Down' and 'No More Night' - a gospel release with an eclectic mix of modern pop and soulful ballads.  I will always be an eclectic artist, and...I've been honored to record rock ballads, traditional pop songs, classical arias and gospel standards."   

Fans will enjoy more of those gospel standards on the new recording, which includes Phelps' haunting rendition of the classic hit "Ain't No Grave," an acoustic-driven version of "When the Saints Go Marching In" and a signature recording of "We Shall Behold Him."  In addition to gospel favorites, Phelps contributed nine new songs that he wrote or co-wrote to the release.  He addressed topics such as humility, brokenness, awe, faith, doubt, hope and freedom as featured in the title cut that required some soul-searching.

The recording features Phelps' anticipated powerhouse vocals along with musicianship from a who's who of Nashville talents including Gordon Mote, Chris Rodriguez, Danny O'Lannerghty, Greg Ritchie, Sam Levine, David Davidson and Jack Jezzro among others.  The orchestrations were penned by Phelps, Mote, Steve Mauldin and Kristin Wilkinson.  The rest of the Gaither Vocal Band -- Bill Gaither, Wes Hampton, Adam Crabb and Todd Suttles - were on hand to perform some of the project's background vocals. 

"I truly feel like these songs are a part of me," Phelps explains.  "They are snapshots of where I am on my journey, and my hope is that they are told in a way that others can relate to and be encouraged by.  I am far from perfect and depend on grace every moment of every day. I hope that Freedom paints a real portrait of living faith as I learn and grow on my journey." Freedom will be distributed through Capitol Christian Distribution and will be available throughout general market stores and the Christian marketplace in addition to online retailers including iTunes, Amazon and  

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