Keith and Kristyn Getty Will Appear on CBS on Easter Sunday

keith and kristyn gettys

Songwriters of modern hymns such as "In Christ Alone," "By Faith," "Speak, O Lord" and many others, Keith and Kristyn Getty will appear on TV on Easter Sunday April 5, at 9:00 a.m. ET.   CBS will profile the husband and wife recording artist duo, The Gettys.

"Celebrated modern hymn writers and recording artists, Keith and Kristyn Getty will be the subject of a feature profile on CBS Sunday Morning to air this Easter Sunday," a statement obtained by The Christian Post reads. "For the segment, which is titled In The Spirit, the Gettys were interviewed in their Nashville home by CBS News correspondent Tracy Smith and recorded while performing at the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville on St. Patrick's Day."

Last year, Keith Getty revealed that he and his wife purposely avoided trying to follow the popular sounds of today to stay relevant.

"I know the value of what we try to do, we try to write music in the traditional melody or classical structure. It's not music that's tied to any particular popular form," Keith previously told The Christian Post. "It doesn't stand out in 2014 so it's not on the radio as much, but at the same time in 2019 it won't sound out of date. We try to incorporate it with historical church music, what has been going on in the past, because I think the true way to be futuristic is to learn from the past."

"Honestly, what makes me most excited is to hear congregations singing these hymns. I didn't write these songs for artists to cut them," Keith previously told CP. "But when an artist records them, obviously it's a privilege. It's also interesting to hear their interpretation of it and useful for the song because it helps the song get played more."



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