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Brad + Rebekah

Husband and wife worship duo Brad + Rebekah have just released their new worship album All You've Done, produced by Josh Silverburg (Michael W. Smith, Bellarive, Newsboys), on June 2, 2015. "Thank you" is the theme that echoes through All You've Done, an authentic worship collection that will at times bring listeners to their feet in praise, and at other times allow them to quietly ponder God's goodness. Scriptural themes of new life, gathering together, and reflecting God's love are woven throughout the 2-CD collection. Whether in an energetic studio recording (Disc 1) or an intimate acoustic set (Disc 2), the songs of All You've Done will soon find a home in listeners' heads and hearts.

Brad + Rebekah have been leading worship together since 2003 during their college worship team days. They married in 2006, served two years in a full-time worship position in Indiana, and then stepped out to pursue a life together making music, touring, and trusting God for their provision. They've traveled the United States and abroad, with a special interest in Uganda and the ministry of Watoto - so much so that the Watoto Children's Choir is featured on the song "The Heart of the Father." 

Hallels:  Thanks so much for your time.  How did the two of you meet?

We met while attending university in Minneapolis. We were both studying music and had a lot of classes together, but we really started to get to know each other when we started leading worship together at school.

Hallels:  When did the two of you feel God's call to lead worship? And write together?

BRAD - I started playing guitar when I was 15 and at the same time was brought into my high school worship team, by my friend and now our producer Joshua Silverberg. It always just felt right. I can't say there was a definitive moment, but I knew it was what I was suppose to do with my life. To what extent I wasn't fully sure but I knew that this was something I loved and was happy to do it for as long as God would let me.

REBEKAH - I have loved singing and ministering through music since I was a young teenager and understood that it was a big responsibility. There was a premature concept in my heart that my life needed to reflect what was being demonstrated on the platform "in front of people". As I grew and learned and my fair matured into my college years I was searching for God's call in my life and really didn't expect it to be as simple as leading worship. But one night as our college choir was ministering at a pastor's conference, I felt the Holy Spirit say, "This is what I made you to do."  That moment was accompanied with such a feeling of relief and fulfillment because I had heard from my Creator what He had planned for my life and it was something that was so natural and something that I had such a passion about. I had been leading worship for years before that but after that I knew it was my calling. 

Hallels:  Congratulations on your new album "All You've Done."  How would you describe your style of worship music?

Thats always a tough question, but the easiest way for us to describe it would be for the CHURCH. We have the privilege of traveling to many different churches and our goal is to write songs and find the style that serves a multitude of congregations. Thats not easy and its not the calling for everyone, but we feel it is important to have songs that unite the CHURCH across both denominational lines and age groups. So just a step passed where the church is at is where we want to be. 

Hallels:  How did you end up partnering with Discovery House for the release of this new record?

The emailed us! It was actually a pretty funny email. It came at the right time and it is a blessing to see God orchestrate what we weren't even looking for.

Hallels:  You've also offering a second disc with acoustic versions of some of the songs, why are you offering acoustic takes of your songs?

This is our 7th year on the road. There is something special biblically about that number. It signifies rest and remembrance. For us we wanted to remember all that God has done not just through what was current and new, but also go back and revisit where He had us start. Our first record was recorded in our apartment with 2 acoustic guitars and a cello. We did it ourselves and titled it "Acoustically Inclined". We've come along way sonically speaking, but those intimate moments are where we started and we wanted to remember it and celebrate it. On a practical note we also wanted to offer a few songs that were super approachable from a small worship team standpoint. Sure they have a big sound, but not all churches or worship leaders have those musicians or resources. This presents some of the record songs and some new songs in an easier way. 

Hallels:  Being prolific songwriters of worship songs, what makes a good worship song?

There are 3 things we consider equally important

1. Singability - you can sing the Ch before you fully hear it

2. Estetically Pleasing - you want to listen to the music.

3. Theologically Sound - this will never change. We may find poetic way to same the same truths, but it must always be based on what is true in the Bible.

Hallels:  For our readers who would like to purchase your album or/and find out more about you, where can they go?

They can go to the following- Digital - iTunes -

Physical CD - Discovery House - 

twitter and instagram - @bradandrebekah | facebook -

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