Watch Three "Behind the Songs" Videos by Brad + Rebekah

Brad + Rebekah

Partnering with Discovery House, husband and wife team Brad + Rebekah have just released their brand new double disc album All You've Done. Now they have just released three new "Behind the Song" videos, giving fans a chance to learn what inspired the songs and the artists behind them. 

Behind the Song: When We Gather

Behind the Song: Ever Faithful

Behind the Song: All You've Done

All You've Done is an authentic worship collection filled with scriptural themes of new life, gathering together, and reflecting God's love. The 2-disc collection includes an energetic studio recording (Disc 1) plus an intimate acoustic set (Disc 2) that will find a home both in listeners' heads and hearts.

Early reviews applaud Brad + Rebekah for standing out in the crowded worship music market. Christian mega-site says, "With thousands of worship records available now, the majority of them seem to blend together and sound the same. However, Brad + Rebekah have crafted something here that truly stands out. With thankfulness and praise flowing through every track, All You've Done is an outstanding effort to be heard. Worship leaders take notice-compositions, harmonies and songwriting like you'll find on this record are a hard combination to find fault with."

Brad + Rebekah have spent the past seven years traveling the United States and abroad, with a special interest in Uganda and the ministry of Watoto-so much so that the Watoto Children's Choir is featured on the song "The Heart of the Father." In May, Brad + Rebekah gathered ten musicians, songwriters, and producers from Nashville, New York, and Sydney, and headed for Watoto Church in Uganda to put on the first worship camp for children there. More than 3,000 orphaned children live in three communities built by the church and its church partners around the world. More than 70 choirs, made up of children from these communities, have travelled the world telling their stories and inviting people to partner with Watoto as it cares for Africa's orphans and widows. To learn more, please



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