Best Worship Songs 2015: A Half Yearly Review

Best Worship Songs

Best Worship Songs 2015: A Half Yearly Review

Half of the year is almost over, let's take the time to look back at some of new worship releases that hit the shelves this year.  As a way of resourcing churches and giving her new vocabulary for her worship, here's our top 10 worship songs garnered from the releases over the last six months.

1.      Christy Nockels "Let It Be Jesus" from Nockels' "Let It Be Jesus"

Originally lifted from last year's "Passion: Take It All" album, the title cut "Let It Be Jesus" of Nockels' debut live worship album takes the on Lordship of Jesus and applies it to our raison d'etre.  If you ever wonder what it means for Jesus to be "the Alpha and the Omega" of our lives, this worship ballad gives perspicuity:  "Let it be Jesus/The first name that I call/Let it be Jesus/My song inside the storm/I'll never need another

2.      Matt Redman "It is Well with My Soul" from Redman's "Unbroken Praise"

Considering that Bethel Music has recently offered their rendition of "It is Well," Redman takes on the risk of redundancy with yet another update on the old Joseph Scriven hymn.  While Bethel Music's rendition tangentially tags onto the traditional hymn onto their newly crafted paean, Redman circles around the hymn's chorus with brand new verses.  Unlike some lesser artists whose newly written augmentations were nowhere near the sublimity of the original hymn, Redman's newly crafted verses will make ol' Joseph Scriven proud. 

3.      Hillsong UNITED "Touch the Sky" from UNITED's "Empires"

As the first note strikes you find yourself situated in heaven.  Glittering in our horizons are the unsurpassing richness of God's eternal promises.  You can feel your heart beating and your soul pulsating with desire. Then comes the denoucement of the song, such glorious riches can only be ours not by good works or constant striving.  But they can be ours when we are prepared to bend the knee to Jesus, deny ourselves, carry up His cross and suffer for His Gospel. Self-denial has never been more eloquently portrayed than in these words: "My heart beating, my soul breathing/I found my life when I laid it down/Upward falling, spirit soaring/I touch the sky when my knees hit the ground."

4.      Unspoken "Solid Rock" from Unspoken's "Unplugged"

Backed by the haunting riffs of a grand piano and gorgeous sounding strings, "The Solid Rock" speaks of our never destructible hope in Jesus Christ.  The poetic beauty are so sweeping that you can't help by shed a tear when Mattson sings:  "From the shipwreck of my life, you build a truer heart/In my brokenness you shine, my loss is where you start/To form in me your will until my love is a reflection of/Your love for me."

5.      ResLife Worship "Higher" from ResLife Worship's "Higher"

Destined to be a worship classic across churches worldwide is the title cut "Higher."  What sets "Higher" apart from many contemporary worship songs is that it brings out the Biblical truth of how God inhabitation of our praises grows and grows as our worship intensifies:  "We will lift you higher, higher/You will show yourself stronger, stronger/For you laid down your life/No greater sacrifice, Jesus." 

6.      Mia Fieldes "Christ is Risen" from Fieldes' "Ashes"

"Christ is Risen" is exemplar of why artists are all queuing up to write with Fieldes.  A co-write with Matt Maher (and first cut by Maher), "Christ is Risen" eschews the sentimental mire that some resurrection songs tend to fall into.  Rather, written as a triumphant anthem for the church to sing, "Christ is Risen" has such an inviting chorus that we truly want to rise up and sing at the top of our voices this grand truth that Christ is risen. 

7.      NCC Worship "Christ the Lord is Risen Today (He is Not Dead)" from NCC's "You Alone" 

The old hymns are still the best when it comes to articulating theological truths of the resurrection.  However, because many of them were crafted in a different cultural milieu than us, they can come across as aloof and distant.  NCC Worship has taken Charles Wesley's hymn "Christ the Lord is Risen Today" and they have added a new chorus to it, making the Easter message come alive again with immediacy yet retaining the hymn's theological richness. 

8.      Sidney Mohede "Jesus, It is You" from Mohede's "The Rescue"

A tear-jerking ballad that thrives on its attention to details. "Jesus It is You" speaks of God's provision from providing the food on our table to walking with us in our darkest alleys, Jesus has never been more glorious than on this thoughtful ballad.

9.      Benita Farmer "Mender of Me" from Farmer's "Mender of Me"

Farmer is at her best when she croons a soulful ballad.  In this regard, she's heavenly on the title cut "Mender of Me."  A heartfelt keys-driven ballad, the words cut deep into one's soul as Farmer sings about God's healing in our brokenness. "Get to the root of me/ Release it from me/ The things that keep me falling/ Living in brokenness/ And that is why/ I turn to the Mender of me."

10.  I Am They "We Are Yours" from  I Am They's "I Am They"

Drawing from the wisdom of Ecclesiastes 3 and Romans 1, the folkish-pop "We Are Yours" traces God's ownership on our lives in its variegated ways.  If you are ever in doubt our worth before the Creator, "We Are Yours" is the panacea.  


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