Country Music Veteran Lynn Anderson Releases New Gospel Album "Bridges"

Lynn Anderson

Country music veteran Lynn Anderson has just released her new Gospel album "Bridges."  Featuring top notched writers such Paul Overstreet, Don Schlitz, Mike Reid, Buffy Lawson and others, this brand new collection will not only appeal to Gospel music fans but also country music lovers.

"Bridges," featuring collaborations with The Oak Ridge Boys and The Martins, marks the return of Bil VornDick to the producer's chair on Lynn's project. The partnership previously received a Grammy nomination for her 2005 release Bluegrass Sessions.

"This is a project that Bil and I first started discussing three years ago," says Lynn.  "My life has seen many changes, both positive and negative, throughout this period and this project reflects those emotions. I hope it will connect with fans on all levels.  It's been a decade since I have made a full promotional run on an album and, given the recent spotlight on the role of a woman's voice in the music industry, there couldn't be a better time to release this project.  If a single soul is renewed by finding comfort and inspiration in these songs, then I have accomplished my goal."

Bridges tackles topics of salvation, redemption, forgiveness, faith, love and acceptance in this twelve song selection. This project took on a uniquely special connection as it developed into a family affair. "We selected my mother Liz Anderson's song My Guardian Angel for the album and my other half Mentor Williams rewrote one of his top hits Drift Away so that we could impact a whole new audience with this gospel version.  Even my daughter Lisa Sutton became involved with Bridges designing the packaging and promotional materials."

"There is heartfelt sincerity in Lynn Anderson's album Bridges," says Grammy award winning producer Bil VornDick. "You can hear those inflections in every word she sings. I invite the listener to enjoy these songs of faith that Lynn has recorded to share with them."

"Center Sound Records is extremely fortunate to have an artist like Lynn Anderson on our label," says Craig Brandwynne, VP of Center Sound Records.  "Lynn is an icon in the country music industry and a pleasure to work with. The album Bridges is an inspiring musical journey."

 Track Listing:

 1.Heaven Has a Human Touch (Mike Reid & Kye Fleming)

2.Get Up Joseph featuring The Oak Ridge Boys (Mike Reid & Allen Shambling)

3.The Bridge (Tony Haselton & Adam Wheeler)

4.Drift Away (Gospel) (Mentor Williams)

5.He Saw It All (Daryl Mosley)

6.Meanwhile Back at the Cross (Kim Williams, Doug Johnson & Chip Davis)

7.Sky Full of Angels featuring The Martins (Burton Banks Collins, Clay Mills & Lisa Stewart Seals)

8.My Guardian Angel (Liz Anderson)

9.Fishin' (Don Goodman, Craig Karp & John Greenbaum)

10.Wanderer's Prayer (Larry Wayne Clark & Jeff Walker)

11.The Road to Surrender (Buffy Lawson, Gary Duffey and Angela Commons)

12.Rise Up (Paul Overstreet & Don Schlitz)


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