Story Behind Jesus Image's "He is Wonderful (Live)"

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Worship collective Jesus Image releases their brand new single "He is Wonderful (Live)." The song, written by Michael Koulianos, Steffany Gretzinger, Aaryn Gray, David Steele, Eleasha Steele, Joel Ortiz Jr., is a call to worship. The team sings, "We gather here to bring You honor/Our blessed hope to see Your face/ Spirit, Son, and Holy Father /Come make us now Your resting place." 

Jesus Image reveals how the song came about. "It was the Sunday service after Pastors Conference in 2023, two of our worship team members were sitting in the sanctuary while Jeremy Riddle was leading. We were in a holy moment and everything got quiet. It's like there was a standstill in the room and everyone could feel the presence of the Lord. All the sudden one of them started to hear something that sounded like booming voices. She turned to her husband and asked if he heard it too. He started singing, `He is Wonderful,' which were the exact words she had heard without him knowing.

"Over the next weeks, it became clear this was meant to be a song. Our team gathered at our ministry center to hear from the Lord and the full song came. None of us could have written this without the Lord; He breathed on these lyrics. We are humbled to join with Heaven to worship the Lamb of God, to declare that He is Wonderful!"

Listen to the song HERE

Jesus Image exists to love Jesus and to introduce Him to the world by the power of the Holy Spirit. We are called to minister to the heart of Jesus through a lifestyle of worship. His Presence is our deepest pursuit. 

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