Ginny Owens Talks About Being Her New Book "Transcending Mysteries" & Her New Album "I Know a Secret"

Ginny Owens

Singer and songwriter Ginny Owens was blind from the age of two. She graduated Belmont University with a degree in Music Education, but found most schools apprehensive about hiring a sight-impaired music teacher. Owen's first record earned her a spot on the Nashville stage of Lillith Fair and following projects would garner enough critical acclaim, radio success, and record sales to keep Owens in the music game.  Owens combined career sales on three studio albums exceed half a million units, and she's scored three No. 1 radio hits and a Dove Award for New Artist of the Year (2000).

Recently, she has recently released her brand new album "I Know a Secret."  And in partnership with co-author Andrew Greer, she has penned her book "Transcending Mysteries."

Hallels:  I am reading your new book "Transcending Mysteries" which you have co-written with Andrew Greer, right now.  I am so encouraged by how you made the Old Testament come alive with yours and Andrew's stories.  What inspired you to write a book on the Old Testament?  What's the value of the Old Testament to you personally?

Ginny:  Thank you so much!!  I'm glad to hear you're enjoying the book!  The Old Testament is a bit mysterious to many of us, isn't it?  Andrew and I were eager to delve into its pages, to discover - and invite readers to discover with us - the God we find there.  Who is He?  How did He relate to His people?  Is He relevant to us today?  We wanted to know, and based on discussions we were having with friends, we realized others had the same questions we did about God.  Transcending Mysteries is a book full of our discoveries and our questions.  Our hope is that readers will be inspired to pursue for themselves the greatest mystery of all time - God - by exploring the Old Testament.

I have fallen in love with the Old Testament as a result of writing Transcending Mysteries.  As I've pored through its pages, I've been deeply moved by the beautiful, gracious ways God loved His people-patiently and relentlessly pursuing them at every turn.

Hallels:  How did you get to partner with Andrew Greer on this project?

Andrew and I have been friends for at least ten years now.  Upon realizing this, our friends At Thomas Nelson Publishers asked us if we'd consider writing a book together.  So, one Sunday after church, we discussed over Mexican food the prospect of friends co authoring a book.  Mexican food helps us both feel positively about everything, so the result of that lunch was a decision to work together on a book about the God of the Old Testament, and a promise to remain great friends throughout the process.  And the rest is history.  (Or something like that.)

Hallels:  Is writing a book something you always wanted to do?  Will you be attempting a follow-up book in the near-future?

Absolutely.  I've always wanted to write a book, but I never imagined I'd be writing about the Old Testament.  What an incredible journey!  I do hope to write again, but I still haven't quite recovered from the last writing process, so there won't be another book just yet.

Hallels:  You've also released a brand new album "I Know a Secret," which I have given you a rave review here at Hallels.  The title cut and the whole album revolves around the theme of contentment.  How can we be truly contend? 

Thank you so much for the favorable review!!  The entire album was inspired by Phil. 4:12-13, "I have learned the secret of being content in any and every situation, wether well fed or hungry, whether living in plenty or in want.  I can do everything through Him who gives me strength."  Paul wrote the Letter to the Philippians from his prison cell, which gives these words even deeper meaning.  Even in such a dark place, Paul was joyful, hopeful, and content.  His words inspire me to consider my own faith journey, and how often I am anxious, restless, and far from being content.  I ask God to remove unwanted circumstances and alleviate my pain, instead of thanking Him for being present with me in every moment.  Paul had a tremendously huge view of Christ.  He loved and trusted Him immensely, and deeply desired His presence.  I'm learning that, the more I pursue Christ, the deeper my relationship with Him becomes.  As I know more of Him, my desire is to know Him even more.  When my view of Christ is big-when my heart is focused on thanking and loving Him-I don't really have space for focusing on my own circumstances.  And as I experience more of His constant love and peace, I grow more content.

Hallels:  Are you excited that your new single "No Borders" is doing so well now on the charts?  Are you already planning a follow-up single now?

I am so thankful for how well "No Borders" was received!  And yes, the next single, "I Will Praise You," written with my dear friend, Cindy Morgan, is coming in the next few weeks!  So exciting!

Hallels:  And are you planning a follow-up album to "I Know a Secret"? 

Absolutely!  I'm beginning to write for it now!

Hallels:  This summer you are trying to host concerts in people's homes.  This is such an intriguing idea, tell us more about it?

My band and I are playing festivals all over the country this summer, and playing house concerts in between festivals seemed like the right idea!  On a festival stage, there isn't much time for sharing stories behind the songs, but at house concerts, we get plenty of opportunity to share and get to know folks, which is incredibly special.  If anyone would like to know more about hosting a show or getting tickets to one, please visit my website.

Hallels:  For our readers who would like to find out more about you, your book and music, where can they go?

I'd love for you to visit my website,, where you'll find updates, tour dates, and my blog.  Please also join me at


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