Becca Bradley Releases New EP "The Lion's Eyes"

Becca Bradley


Worship leader Becca Bradley releases her second studio EP, The Lion's Eyes, August 7. Featuring Bradley's bright pop vocal style reminiscent of Leigh Nash and her signature gifting as an accomplished cellist, her songs and voice are infused with remarkable emotional range and a thematic message throughout the six-song EP that points to a Jesus who is undeniably compelling to those first hearing the gospel.

Moving to Nashville and graduating from Belmont University, Becca Bradley has played alongside such notable artists as Taylor Swift, Kelly Clarkson, Keith Urban, Lady Antebellum, Rascal Flatts, Amy Grant, Michael W. Smith and various other accomplished bands and artists. She spent a year on tour with Francesca Battistelli, playing and singing in the background-making appearances on national shows like Good Morning America and Fox & Friends. Bradley also had the opportunity to perform with other artists on the nationally televised CMA Awards and several CMA Country Christmas specials, before connecting with Jason Gray for a Christmas tour in 2014.

2014 further marked the debut of her first solo EP, Shaken, serving as a springboard for her current release, The Lion's Eyes. "I have been eagerly anticipating the release of this new record, and I can't wait to hear the stories of how God uses it to speak life and hope into hurting hearts," says Bradley. "My team and I prayed over every step of this project. Every note sung, every chord played, every decision made in the mixing process - it was all done out of a place of prayer and worship, and I believe that God will honor that that by using these songs to advance His Kingdom. I hope and pray that people will be moved by this record."

The Lion's Eyes opens with the celebration of the "Children of God," as a song of invitation, a call to worship of sorts, co-written with producer Evan Sieling. The song establishes a theme woven throughout every song on the EP with the line, "Just listen to the whisper calling into the dark." Light and dark are used to describe a God of brilliance who loves us enough to reach into our darkness. He is a God who "spoke light into the dark" ("You See it All"), who leads us out of that darkness back to shore ("Yours"). He is a light that destroys the lies of darkness ("The Lion's Eyes"), a light so beautiful we're drawn into it ("Hope is Found") until we too become "People of Light."

The song, "People of Light," is a call to a generation, a battle cry that shows the versatility of Becca's voice, sometimes delicate but, here, powerful and inspiring. The song speaks of a longing for "something, anything" to make us feel alive. It's a testimony of sorts for Becca. "I've had people come up to me since I've know the Lord and say I can see such a light in you, people who don't even necessarily know scripturally what that means. It's been cathartic for me to so clearly remember my life before Jesus and write from the perspective of that contrast."

The full track and songwriter listing for The Lion's Eyes follows:

1) Children of God - (Becca Bradley, Evan Sieling)

2) People of Light - (Becca Bradley, Stephen Duncan, Nancy Blandford)

3) Hope is Found - (Becca Bradley)

4) Yours - (Becca Bradley)

5) You See It All - (Becca Bradley)

6) The Lion's Eyes - (Becca Bradley, Evan Sieling)

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