Our Excluive Interview with Multi-Award Winning Vocalist and Producer Earl Bynum

Earl Bynum

He is a prolific songwriter, a master vocal arranger and has demonstrated musical creativity and gospel music artistry that has elevated him as one of the most recognized leaders in music and ministry.  Multi-award winning vocalist and producer Earl Bynum is the Executive Minster of Music at Mount Lebanon Baptist Church "The Mount" which has four locations - Chesapeake, VA, Elizabeth City, NC, Peninsula, VA and Charlotte, NC.  He is also the International Minister of Music for the Gospel Heritage Foundation.  With a vast catalog of songs and projects in his repertoire, Bynum is now preparing to release his long awaited self-titled solo project EARL BYNUM in 2016 and leads off with a soulfully expressive single "Call Him". 

Hallels:  Earl, thanks for doing this interview with us.  Let's start with yourself, you are the music minister at Mt. Lebanon Baptist Church, what does your job entail?
Earl:  Yes, I am at Mt. Lebanon Missionary Baptist Church affectionately known as "The Mount".  I am hired as the Executive Minister of Music.  My job entails overseeing the entire music ministry and fine arts department.  This includes 130 singers, 160 dancers, and 6 musicians for our Chesapeake Cathedral campus location.  The Mount is one church in 5 locations.  The Mount Chesapeake, The Mount Peninsula, The Mount Elizabeth City, The Mount Charlotte and The Mount Global.  I am totally responsible for our main campus (Chesapeake) however, I am available to assist the other campus locations with music ministry needs if need be.  
Hallels: I believe you are also a part of the Gospel Heritage Foundation, what's your involvement there?
Earl:  With the Gospel Heritage Foundation, I was recently appointed as the International Minister of Music.  With the GHF organization, I am responsible for assisting in choosing and teaching music for the National Worship Summit Convention.  
Hallels:  Over the years you also wrote songs and directed the Virginia Mass Choir, tell us more about your contribution there?
Earl:  The Virginia Mass Choir began in 2006 and during my time with them, I was one of the head directors of music.  I assisted in the selection of music as well as teaching.  
Hallels:  You have a new solo album coming out next year, how would you describe the sound of your new record?

Earl:  The sound of the new record is not so much a new sound as much as it is showcasing me without a choir that many are used to seeing.  I believe that people will find the song selection easy and enjoyable to sing along to, as well as to teach to their praise teams, ensembles and choirs.   
Hallels:  "Call Him," I believe, is the first single.  For our readers who have yet to hear it, what's the song about?
Earl:  The song "Call Him" is about regardless of your struggle, situation or circumstance, you can always Call Him.   Call on God, He is your one consistent source for any and all of your needs.
Hallels:  Who are some of your writers or producers or singers you are working with for this new album?
Earl:  I have featured two singers on the new album and they are Andra' Cross - writer of the single "Call Him" and an upcoming artist A'Saun.  The writers are Cedric Rouson, Kendall Wyatt, George Tyler, Colvin Chambers, Brandon "B Ham" Hamlin, Darius Mines and Christopher Georges
Hallels:  Is there an album title or release date yet?
Earl:  The album is self-titled EARL BYNUM which will release in 2016.
Hallels:  I believe you are currently touring, where can our readers find out about your touring info and your music? 
Earl:  For touring information, readers can go to and also follow me on the following: Twitter @earlbynum,  Instagram @earlbynum, 
Facebook @earlbynum, Periscope @earlbynum

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