Earl Bynum Chats About His Third Solo Album, “This Song is For You”

Earl Bynum

After years of conducting and leading the Stellar Award nominated The Mount Unity Choir into national prominence, Earl Bynum has carved out some "me" time in his hectic schedule. The result is the charismatic artist's third solo album, This Song is For You (Lrae/HBK/Tyscot) - his first solitary musical venture since 2009. It hits retail stores and digital music platforms on October 5th.

The ten-track set showcases a potpourri of flavors ranging from the choir-charged radio single, "Bless the Lord (The Remix)," and the congregational-styled sing-along, "Only unto You," to the urban contemporary flavored tunes, "Call Him" and "Brighter Day." Buy/Stream Link:

Q:  Earl, thank you for doing this interview with us. Congratulations on your new album.  When you were choosing songs for this album, what kind of songs were you looking for?

There was no particular type of songs that I was looking for.  I just felt that when I heard a particular song, I would know it would be the right choice for this project.  

Q:  How would the songs on this record differ from those you would choose if you were choosing for your choir? 

These songs differ because they were chosen specifically to hopefully make the distinction between me the solo artist, and me the choir director leader.  

Q:  This is also your first studio album.  How is the recording of this studio album different from our live records?

This is actually my 2nd studio album.  My first studio album was released in 2000 titled "Just For Me".   However not having a live audience to feed off of is definitely different because you are in a booth that consist of only you.  

Q:  Talk to us about the single "Bless the Lord (Remix)."  Why are you excited about this song?

I am excited about "Bless the Lord oh my Soul (Remix)", because I'm the writer of it.  Secondly because the song brings an energy that's uplifting with a shift in the music production and the arrangement of the BGV's (back ground vocals) 

Q:  If you were to pick two more songs off the record to introduce to our readers, which would they be? And why?

One of the songs that I would pick would be Call Him.  I would pick Call Him because it shows a soulful side of me.  The second song that I would pick would be Raina because of it having more of a CCM (contemporary Christian music) feel that shows diversity.  

Q:  Who are some of the songwriters or producers or singers you have worked with on this new record?

Some of the writers/producers are Kendall Wyatt, the brother to R & B singer KeKe Wyatt.  George Tyler of Indianapolis, Brandon Hamlin who is a producer writer in Los Angeles, Canadian writer Colvin Chambers and Virginia's own, Pastor Cedric Rouson.  Additionally, I'm excited about the artist A'SAUN who is my son and first artist on my label "Lrae Entertainment" being a part of the record singing lead with me on the song "Mighty God".  

Q:  You also have a radio program, tell us more about it.

My radio show is called "On Stage with Earl Bynum."  It's syndicated on the Musical Soulfood Radio Network.  It airs every Saturday morning for two hours and gives a platform to Independent artist from around the world.  

Q:  How has your understanding of Jesus been enriched while making this new album?

The lyrical content of the selected songs allowed me to focus on how good Jesus really is.  Especially with songs like "Safe In Him Arms, Call Him and You Are Great.  




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