Anthony Brown Reacts to His Grammy Nomination & Talks About His New Album "Everyday Jesus"

Anthony Brown

Anthony Brown and his dynamic ensemble group therAPy have earned a Grammy Award nomination in the category of Best Gospel Performance/Song for its radio smash "Worth." The single is spending its 13th week at #1 on Billboard Magazine's Gospel AirPlay chart and another week at #1 on the Mediabase Gospel AirPlay chart as well.  The inspiring, uplifting track hails from Brown's sophomore album "Every Day Jesus" (Tyscot Music & Entertainment) that has consistently rested in the Top 5 of Billboard Magazine's Top Gospel Albums sales chart since its release in July 2015. 

Hallels: Congratulations Anthony on your Grammy nomination. How do you feel right now? Were you expecting it?:

AB: Thank you!! It is an amazing feeling. I never thought in a million years that I would see a moment like this in my life. It is overwhelming! I definitely didn't expect it. I actually tried not to think about it because I didn't think it would happen.

Hallels: Not only did you receive a Grammy nomination but "Worth,"your latest single, is #1. Why do you think so many people are reacting so positively to this song?:

AB: I just believe that this song is a song of hope and affirmation.Those are two things that everybody needs. I know what it feels like to struggle with my own self-worth so the idea that God thinks we are worth it is extremely changing!

Hallels: How did you come to write "Worth"?:

AB: I actually wrote "Worth" while in communion service at my church(shout out to First Baptist Church of Glenarden!!). My pastor was serving communion and talking about the sacrifice Jesus made for us.It made me think that out of all the people in the world, Jesus thought I was worth saving and died for me. I took out my iPad and started writing the words and the rest is history.

Hallels: When you were making "Everyday Jesus," what were some of the highlights in making this record?:

AB: The greater highlight in creating Everyday Jesus was that I knew Ihad clearly heard from God that He wanted me to do this. I didn't have the money, the resources, etc however, I was as clear as I had ever been that God told me to do it. I told my group and team in October of 2014. We did a packed out ticketed live recording in January of 2015 in front of over 4,000 people. I knew then that I had heard God and from that day to this day, He has blessed this project!

Hallels: Is there a follow-up single already planned yet after"Worth"? If so, tell us more about this next single:

AB: Um...that's a tough one. Lol. I love a lot of songs on this project for different reasons. They speak to me in different ways so I haven't yet picked out another single, but our supporters and radio family often let us know which songs they think we should pick. I think when it's time to decide, I'll ask everyone which song speaks to them and go from there.

Hallels: What are your plans next? Are you already planning album #3?:

AB: I don't know yet. I've been writing quite a bit lately. I also have a few other projects I'm working on with other artists so that's my immediate plan. I also plan to tour "Everyday Jesus" next summer so there's a lot going on!

Hallels: With Christmas around the corner, what does Christmas mean to you?:

AB: Christmas to me has always been about acknowledging the greatest gift I've ever received. I still believe Christmas is about Christ. In fact, I do a play every year at my church to celebrate the story of Jesus' birth called "The Uncut Coming of Christ".

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