What Does Christmas Mean? Find Out What Your Favorite Christian Artists Have to Say


What does Christmas mean?  Here's your chance to find out what some of your favorite Christian artists have to say about Christmas and what this season means to them. Coming from our exclusive interviews, this is what they have to say: 

Anthony Brown:

"Christmas to me has always been about acknowledging the greatest gift I've ever received. I still believe Christmas is about Christ. In fact, I do a play every year at my church to celebrate the story of Jesus' birth called "The Uncut Coming of Christ". 

Stu G (of Delirious and One Sonic Society):

"We love Christmas in our house! We will have a house full of family. Being together is a real treat! We have a new granddaughter, so we're really excited to spoil her.

The Christmas Season is special for us. I love advent - pausing - waiting - anticipating. And I love the celebration. This year, we find ourselves in a crazy unstable world with a lot of pain and suffering. My hope is in the Prince of Peace, and that we will once again hear angels sing of peace on earth and goodwill to men."

TaRanda Greene:

"My most memorable Christmas was the year after my husband passed away. I didn't have the "spirit of Christmas". I couldn't possibly imagine celebrating when my life had seemed to changed so drastically. I wasn't thinking of anyone but myself. I had told my children we weren't decorating the house because it wouldn't be the same without daddy there. But a very special friend of mine came to our house the week of Christmas, unannounced, and put me & my children in the car, took us to the Christmas tree lot, bought us a tree & then came back to our house & strung the lights on it for us. This special friend helped me find that the spirit of Christmas can exist, even in the most desperate times because it isn't about us, it's about sharing with others. It's about lighting the fire in someone who can't find it.. for whatever the reason. This friend showed me & my children that life, especially at Christmastime, goes on. This friend was selfless & gave of their time & money to help us find the spirit of Christmas again. That is my most memorable Christmas. The day life began again."

The Furrows:

"Christmas is a time to reflect and be thankful for the true gift that was given-the reason that we sing! We LOVE Christmas music and have hopes to record a project in the future! We're always looking for a reason to add a new Christmas tune to our program! 

Jonathan Allen, Worship Pastor of Grace Chapel Worship:

"I feel like a little bit of a broken record but Christmas is about Jesus leaving Heaven and coming to Earth. It shows me that there is no darkness that scares Him. There is no one too broken for Him to redeem. There is literally nothing He won't do to seek and save the lost and to bring God's children home. I love the story of the incarnation." 

Perry LaHaie:

"Christmas means a Savior was born to live the perfect life that we could never live, to die the death that we deserve and to rise again to prove that God accepted his sacrifice for my sin and shame and to declare that "Jesus is righteous and all show believe in Him are righteous through faith in Him."  

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