Wynonna Judd Sings "Jesus and a Jukebox" & Talks About Her Faith

Wynonna Judd

Wynonna Judd will be releasing her brand new album Wynonna and the Big Noise in February 12, 2016.  The album will find Judd working with her band, the Big Noise, including husband-drummer Cactus Moser. Judd has previewed her new record when she played her first South By Southwest show ever at the Bethel Hall in St. David's Episcopal Church.

One of the new songs she previewed from her new album is "Jesus and a Jukebox," a song written by Travis Meadows, Jeremy Spillman, and David Tolliver.  The song got Judd to talk about her Christian faith:  "I am a child of God, not just a chick singer."

Later, she adds: "I'm just a believer in being authentic," Judd told the crowd. "I'm humble, I'm broken and God uses the broken-hearted." 

As for her new record:  "I have a newfound passion for what it is God gave me the gift to do, and it's all because of my husband," Wynonna tells Rolling Stone. "He challenged me in a way that no one has ever - he stripped me of all my gimmicks and all my 'go-to's' ... the ways I've done things in the past. He said, 'This is a new day and a new way to be,' and I just got in the studio in front of that microphone and sang from my toenails. I let whatever came to me just fly."

There are many guests on Judd's new record including Jason Isbell, who is featured on "Things I Lean On." The Eagles' Timothy B. Schmit worked on "I Can See Everything" (which he also wrote), and husband-and-wife guitarists Derek Trucks and Susan Tedeschi also contribute. Moser is featured on one song and is also listed in the songwriting credits. Songs were written by writers including Chris Stapleton, Travis Meadows, David Lee Murphy and Julie Miller.

The new album was recorded in the sanctity of their home studio located on the family farm in Tennessee. Judd has described the new album as "vintage yet modern" and a "return to the well." It's a rootsy work encompassing country, Americana, blues, soul and rock.The process of recording WYNONNA & THE BIG NOISE with her band set her free artistically.

"Like a garage band we all get in a room, basically knee to knee in a circle, and we jam until it feels amazing,"WYNONNA shares. "By the time we push record we are already jacked up because we have practiced and practiced until we know we are rocking. The end result is even better than when we started out because we're free to just play and enjoy ourselves." She adds: "I have stripped myself of all the expectations of worrying about fitting into any format and just picked songs I love. This album is my favorite thing I've done so far." 

Wynonna & the Big Noise will drop on Feb. 12 on Curb Records. A track listing is below.

Wynonna Judd, Wynonna & the Big Noise Track Listing:

1. "Ain't No Thing" feat. Susan Tedeschi
2. "Cool Ya"
3. "Things I Lean On" feat. Jason Isbell
4. "You Make My Heart Beat Too Fast" feat. Cactus Moser
5. "Staying in Love"
6. "Keeps Me Alive" feat. Derek Trucks
7. "Jesus and a Jukebox"
8. "I Can See Everything" feat. Timothy B. Schmit
9. "Something You Can't Live Without"
10. "You Are So Beautiful"
11. "Every Ending (Is a New Beginning)"
12. "Choose to Believe"




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