Mandisa's Offcial Music Video Shares Some Real Overcomers

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Long before American Idol made her America's sweetheart, Mandisa was a vocal performance student at Fisk University. Far from her Sacramento, California home, she became friends with Kisha Mitchell (formally known as First Lady LaKisha Mitchell of Greater Grace Temple Community Church). Little did the two of them know, their friendship would continue to grow and blossom and years later, Kisha's battle with cancer would prompt a song that would inspire people all over the world.

Kisha's cancer story started this past January. A week after finding out that she and her husband, Pastor Breonus Mitchell, were going to have a second child, she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Despite knowing that their health insurance would only pay for a portion of her cancer treatments and that it wouldn't pay anything for her prenatal care, the young couple knew that Jesus would make a way. Through the misery of a double mastectomy and months of chemotherapy, they continued to hold onto their faith and on June 8, a perfect and healthy baby boy, Brennon Michael Mitchell, was born. But the story didn't stop on that happy note. Kisha is still battling for her life, taking both chemo and radiation treatments. The medical bills are piling up and she is unable to work, but the Mitchell family stands firmly on their faith, taking one day at a time.

This is the story that inspired Mandisa to write "Overcomer." The strength of her friend is also what made her seek out Former U.S. Congresswoman Gabby Giffords, Captain Mark Kelly, Gold Medalist Scott Hamilton, Good Morning America host Robin Roberts and Biggest Loser runner-up Hannah Curlee for the single's video. In a press release, Mandisa talked about the people and the stories, saying, "We chose each of them because when we thought of who has been an example of an overcomer in a very public battle, it is hard to imagine anyone more appropriate than the amazing people in my video. They have all fought, and continue to fight victoriously. I pray that sharing their inspirational stories throughout the video will leave people saying, 'If they can do it, so can I!'"

The video premiered on GMA last week and comments continue to pour in as people are touched and inspired.

If you are moved by Kisha's story and want to help with the growing medical bills, Mandisa has shared the family's campaign and is the one providing all of the "perks" to those who donate. She says, "Will you please take a moment and pray for Kisha, Breonus, BJ, and Brennon? And while you do that, will you also pray about giving financially to help them with their medical bills? As you do, know that I am asking God to bless you with the great grace that is mentioned in Acts 4 ("Godronically", Greater Grace happens to be the name of the church Breonus Mitchell pastors!)"

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