Darrell Evans Takes On the Position of Worship Pastor at Life Church in Roscoe, IL

Darrell Evans

Internationally known worship leader Darrell Evans has taken up the position of worship pastor at Life Church in Roscoe, IL.  Evans is a pioneer in the worship music movement and he's known for songs such as  "Trading my Sorrows", "Let the River Flow", "Your Love is Extravagant," "Freedom", and "Fields of grace," and many others.

Evans writes: "I am happy to announce that I have taken a position at Life Church in Roscoe, IL (Rockford area) and the Evans family will be moving there at the beginning of January. Great church, great vision, and I'm stoked to take part in it. I will still be touring as well."

Evans has just released his second album for DREAM Records entitled Fearless. His sound is a guitar driven singer songwriter Americana folk rock mixed powered Christ filled inspirational lyrics. With a 19 year history in Christian music and a Dove Award Nomination, Darrell continues to bring his God given talent of worship to the masses.  

In our exclusive interview with us, Evans tells why he calls his new album Fearless: "The love of God is a life-changing, life=giving, unstoppable power.  It grabbed a hold of me at the age of 11 during a congregational worship experience.  His love is the force that gives life to everything.  So I called the new project, "Fearless" for the love of Jesus which brings courage in life and pushes out fear.  Also, this is a new sound for me, a new way of producing, a fresh way of writing and so I want to boldly sing these songs recognizing that fear steals the life and potential of a new thing propelling forward."  

Darrell's ministry started as a teenager in Olympia, WA: leading many of his fellow classmates to Jesus through personal testimony and nights of praise and worship in his parent's home. He has served as a worship pastor for churches in Washington, California, Oklahoma and Texas.

For the past 16 years Darrell has traveled the world alone and with the band ministering the gospel through worship, preaching, and prayer. His authenticity, genuine spirit and passion have connected with many as he ministers worship to the Lord. Darrell has seen numerous people come to know Christ and has encouraged many others to a deeper walk with God. People are healed, refreshed and renewed through Darrell's ministry. 

To purchase Fearless now text DARRELL to 51555 or click here:  

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