Worship Music Veteran Darrell Evans Discusses Details About His New Album "Fearless"

Darrell Evans

Darrell Evans, famous for songs like, "Trading My Sorrows",  "Let The River Flow", "Fields Of Grace" and "Your Love Is Extravagant" is releasing his newest album, Fearless, September 25th on Dream Worship. His sound is a guitar driven singer songwriter Americana folk rock mixed powered Christ filled inspirational lyrics. With a 19 year history in Christian music and a Dove Award Nomination, Darrell continues to bring is God given talent of worship to the masses. 

Hallels:  Darrell, so grateful for your time.  Congratulations on the release of "Fearless," why did you name the record "Fearless"?

The love of God is a life-changing, life=giving, unstoppable power.  It grabbed a hold of me at the age of 11 during a congregational worship experience.  His love is the force that gives life to everything.  So I called the new project, "Fearless" for the love of Jesus which brings courage in life and pushes out fear.  Also, this is a new sound for me, a new way of producing, a fresh way of writing and so I want to boldly sing these songs recognizing that fear steals the life and potential of a new thing propelling forward. 

Hallels:  Tell us about the making of this album.  Did the songs come naturally to you or was it more a struggle?

Some of the songs were a process of sitting down with an idea, coming up against a block, revisiting the song again later.  I had an enjoyable time collaborating with a few other writers who brought their strengths and help me find some of the songs.  While making the album, it was a year and a half of learning different techniques, taking risks with playing instruments that I normally don't play, and discovering a few things about programming.  Some of the songs came more naturally, but most were an adventure to find treasure while working on musical ideas. 

Hallels:  I believe you have re-recorded 3 of your older songs.  What are three songs you have re-recorded?  And why did you choose them?

I recorded 3 songs that are on other projects because at first, they were the tracks I was experimenting on to learn the recording program.  As the tracks developed, I was enjoying the different take on those songs and thought other people might really connect with them too.  I always think there's room for another version of a good song. 

Hallels:  One of the songs I love is "Charity."  Can you tell our readers what the song's about? And what's the inpiration behind this song? 

My wife's name is Charity and I wrote the song for her.  It's lyrically from the perspective of Father God singing encouragement over my wife.  It's one of my favorites too. 

Hallels:  Why did you decide to write a song on the Lord's Prayer?     

I always think its great to sing our prayers or from the heart of a prayer.  You can't have praise without prayer, and prayer necessitates praise.  I wanted to write a simple version so people everywhere could sing The Lord's prayer together.  It was time for a new, modern expression for the prayer of all prayers.

Hallels:  Having written so many worship songs, how do you think your songwriting has changed over the years?

I believe I'm growing as a songwriter as time passes.  Time itself won't magically cause growth but attention and pursuit of learning over time will foster growth and positive change.  In some regards, my songs or sound may have developed but then again, the heart is still me and I think people can hear that in any of my newer songs. 

Hallels:  If you have a chance to sing with another artist or worship leader, who would it be?

If I could write/sing/record with another artist, right now It would be Smokie Norful, Fred Hammond, Mighty Clouds of Joy,  Israel Houghton.  Did my answer surprise you? 

Hallels:  For our readers who would like to learn more about you or your music or your public appearances, where can they go? 

Y'all can follow my adventures by connecting with me on the Darrell Evans musician/band pages on Facebook and Twitter.  I always answer my friends/followers there personally.   Working on a new website as well.   Most of my music catalog can be found on iTunes and Amazon.   

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