Joel Smallbone of for KING & COUNTRY Can See in Full Color for the First Time

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Joel Smallbone, one half of the contemporary Christian band for KING & COUNTRY, has got the best Christmas gift in his life.  His wife and fellow singer Moriah Peters gave him some special lenses to correct his color blindness. 

For years, Joel has been suffering from color blindness, such that he is unable to distinguish some colors from each other. To give him the chance to see the world in full color, Moriah has the lenses of his sunglasses replaced with glass recently developed by EnChroma. As a result, Joel got to see the full spectrum of colors for the first time.

On his Facebook, Joel writes: "Confession: I'm colored blind. It sounds worse than it is, but I find it hard to decipher certain color tones from others. This Christmas my dear wife did a stack of research, stole my sunglasses, and had the lenses replaced with a revolutionary new glass by EnChroma! This glass enables folks with my condition to see as you see. Here here is a snippet of the video when I first put them on... Wow!

It truly was an 'eye-opening' moment for me, if you will. Somehow I find there to be a correlation between this moment and how I often live life... In minutes and seconds, in days and hours, in going through motions. But I do believe, like in this moment if we were to put on spiritual glasses, where we see things as God does, we would see people, circumstances, and life from heavens POV.. With all the colors and vibrance and drama and hope, as it was intended."

Likewise, Moriah rejoices with her husband on her Instagram: "This Christmas, we gave my favorite colorblind man a special gift: the rainbow! Witnessing his world go from gray to vivid through @enchroma lenses is a miracle moment I'll never forget...I can't wait to watch our first real sunset together."  

The couple shared a video of the moment when Joel could finally see in full color for the first time:


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