The Inspirations Talk About Being True to Themselves with Their New Album

The Inspirations

Southern Gospel music veterans The Inspirations have just released their new Sonlite Records album Pray for Me. The title track of Pray For Me features the resonant tones of bass singer Joseph Brown. Long-time lead singer Matt Dibler delivers the powerful testimony song "It's Under The Blood." Tenor Harold Reed shows how well he fits the classic Inspirations sound on "Onward to the Call." The Inspirations' lineup also includes pianist Martin Cook, bass Myron Cook, and multi-instrumentalist Luke Vaught.

The same distinctive sound that took the world by storm is still carried on today. Preview and pre-order The Inspirations' Pray For Me today!

Hallels:  Thanks for doing this interview with us.  In your press release, you talked about not chasing trends, but you wanted to make an album that is true to yourself.  How is your new album "Pray for Me" being true to yourself?  

Inspirations-It has always been our desire to present music that honors the Lord with a clear message that glorifies Him. We also want to present that music and message in the style by which we have always been known. We believe the Lord allowed us to do that on this project. 

Hallels:  What are some dangers if artists chase after trends and what's popular now?

Inspirations-If we are not careful we can lose sight of the message and our own identity in chasing trends.  Many times chasing trends produces a generic sound that makes everyone sound the same. 

Hallels:  What are some of lessons you hope listeners will grasp after listening to your new album "Pray for Me"?

Inspirations-There is still power prayer and the Blood. There is also still hope. 

Hallels:  Why do you feel it's important to do some of the old favorites like "Sweet Beulah Land"?

Inspirations-it is important for us to sing the songs people want to hear, and many of our friends consistently requests these old favorites.

Hallels:  A few of the songs on this new record deal with prayer, can you relate a time when God did answer a prayer in your own life?  

Inspirations-(Matt)-My mother gave me a record of the Inspirations when I was a teenager. The music ever and message impacted me in such a way that I prayed the Lord would allow me to have the privilege of influencing people that way. I never dreamed he would allow me to do that with the very group God used in my life.  I am very grateful!

Hallels:  Since your album is entitled "Pray for Me," what are some prayer requests you would like readers to pray for you and for the group?

Inspirations-Please pray for the ministry of the Inspirations. Pray for God's Hand to be upon us as we carry His message and song.  Pray also for souls to be saved. And for safety as we travel. Pray for our families.  

Hallels:  For our readers who would like to know more about the new record and your latest news, where can they go?



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