Cedric Ballard Talks About How He is Called to Minister Healing Through Worship

Cedric Ballard

Singer, songwriter, worship leader and psalmist Minister Cedric Ballard has just released his new single "They That Wait."  The Houston native has been deputized to minister healing to the people of God through worship.  A modern day Levite. Cedric Ballard touches the hearts of the people through passionate and energetic worship. Moved by the daily news reports of violence affecting youth in the inner city,  Cedric Ballard Ministries was created to provide programs and initiatives to impact young people in urban areas. 

Hallels:  So grateful Cedric for doing this interview with us.  Tell us more about yourself and ministry.

Appreciate the opportunity.  Lets see, I can be best summed up as a young man from Houston Texas with a great love for God and a great love for music. I love to worship and I love leading people into God's presence. I believe music is the vehicle by which we are able to convey whats on the heart of God to the people of God and that's what I have tried to do.  In the past ten years, I have been involved in gospel, whether singing, writing or playing.  Cedric Ballard Ministries was started in 2004 and I am amazed at how God has blessed us to travel around the country proclaiming the good news. People have been reached and lives have been changed.  To God be the glory.

Hallels:  In your press release, it mentions that you have a calling to minister healing to people of God through worship.  How does worship heal people?

We can find so much in worship; while it may not be the answer to our problem, worship helps us to refocus,  worship brings about transparency. It reveals. It enlightens, it  allows the individual to really see themselves for who they are! You know, some people can't really experience healing until they get to the bottom of what they really need to be healed from. Being in God's presence opens your eyes to who you are, but most importantly, it recasts a light on who He is. God can then, through His love and grace, pull out what's not needed, and infuse what's needed so that healing and restoration can take place. That's why worship is SO important to the believer. It keeps you humble! 

Hallels:  In your press release, I believe you are also called a modern Levite.  What's a modern Levite? 

Levites played a very important and distinct role in the temple during Bible days. The Levite lived a life that honored God and they were an integral part of the work of the ministry.  The modern day Levite does that now. Not to the extent in the bible days, but we have to live a life worthy of the calling God has placed upon us, and our jobs are not just confined to the work of the church, we are called to go into the world and touch people. I'm ecstatic that the Lord chose me for such a work and I strive every day to live up to the standard.

Hallels:  In what ways do you think your new album "Transparency" will help both Christians and non-Christians?

In general, people are looking for things that they can relate to.  Transparency deals with truth; hard hitting real life situations. People both in and out of the church deal with life issues and challenges,  hurt, pain and hidden brokenness. My ministry is to inspire, encourage, and enlighten. Believers who are serving God faithfully, yet find themselves still going through struggle must know that its a part of the Christian life.  I Peter 4:12 says think it not strange concerning the fiery trial which is to try you, as though some strange thing happened unto you. Yes, struggles will come, but as we wait on God, He will reveal Himself to us in the midst of our going through and prepare us for our deliverance.

There's a message for the not yet believers (smile) life happens to everyone, when it rains, it rains on the just and the unjust, we all get wet but that's not the end.  There is hope that in spite of the scars and tears and trials that the God of the universe has a plan for us (Jeremiah 29:11) and He is working things out (Rom 8:28) .

Hallels:  Congratulations on the release of your new single "They That Wait," for our readers who may not have heard the song yet, what's the song about? 

They That Wait is a HIT!!!! Its a feel good song, and something more, the song is an affirmation. A word of encouragement to get people through the moment, the enemy tries very hard to make us lose focus right before the victory.  They That Wait says don't give up, throw in the towel, or quit NOW. You are too close to the due season where they SHALL reap if they faint not. It's a good news song for those who love God! 

Hallels:  I believe you also have a passion to help inner-city youth, tell us more about this passion of yours.

My heart goes out to the youth of this generation. This generation of young people are very different than when I was a young teenager. So many traps. So many tricks from very influential places, but God is still the same. God's love hasn't changed, and its still as powerful now as it was back then. So my ministry shows love and concern to the youth of this generation in our own way. Being practical, transparent, and direct is how we operate with this generation. We believe that through the love of God and the passion to help develop these young people they will be better socially, economically, politically, and spiritually to positively effect their community and city they live in. We provide an alternative to the status quo through mentoring programs, sports camps, fine arts and  community outreach.

Hallels:  For our readers who would like to find out more about you and your music, where can they go?

We are everywhere (smile). They can go to Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and type cedricballard.  Also go to my YouTube channel CedBTV, and the new website should be up shortly.

To listen to "They That Wait," click here: 


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