Cedric Ballard Releases New Single "Worship Now to Live"

cedric ballard

With some two decades of music ministry under his belt, Minister Cedric Ballard shoes no signs of stopping as he continues to make a joyful noise. The in-demand singer, songwriter, worship leader and workshop facilitator is proud of his latest single, Worship Now to Live bringing people back to the focal point of honoring God with a lifestyle that makes worship an everyday activity.

 "I give all honor and know that of myself, I can do nothing, so let me tell the whole wide world that all the glory goes to God," Ballard proclaims. "Looking back over my life, I can concur with the hymn writer that penned the lyrics of Amazing Grace, through many dangers, toils and snares; God has brought us safely through and over.  God's grace and mercy continues to sustain us, even through the trials and frustrations of life. Worship should come naturally to us, as sure as we take a breath we should have our hearts full of praise and thanksgiving, and praise should flow from the abundance of a grateful heart.  I know that there are tough times and there are even more difficult days ahead, but we have to renew our minds and put our trust in the God who sees, knows and understands.   And guess what,  God isn't finished, there's more work to be done, and I'm letting the Lord know I accept the assignment and I am available and ready for whatever he has called me to do."

Worship Now To Live is available on all digital outlets as Cedric Ballard continues to minister across the country with messages of an unshakable hope and faith in the power of God's word.

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