Joey Feek is Giving Out Some Final Instructions Even Where She Wants to be Buried

Joey Feek

Joey Feek, one half of the country music duo Joey + Rory Feek, is suffering from the last stages of cervical cancer. Joey was diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer in June of 2015, and after an arduous battle, she decided to discontinue her treatments after doctors told her there was nothing more they could do. She is in hospice care in her hometown of Alexandria, Ind. as she faces the end of her life, surrounded by her family and friends.

She knows her time before she sings Jesus is close.  So, she's making her last wishes known to her husband Rory now, including where she'll buried, taking care of their garden, their children, and even their monthly tithe for the church. 

"As Joey has had to learn to come to terms with what is happening to her body and what the future holds, it's been important to her to share some things that she wants me and our girls to remember after she's gone," Rory tells People.

Rory says he has sat by his wife's bedside and taken extensive notes on what time will be the best time to plant her garden this spring, how to prune the fruit trees and how to make sure he's still setting aside enough of their income for a monthly tithe.

But where does Joey want to be buried?  She wants to be buried in their garden. "A rough-cut wooden box with a cross on it was placed beneath the bay of the bus and brought up here because that's what Joey wants. 'Thomas to make my box ... simple, from wood at [our farm in Pottsville, Tennessee],' she said. 'And find a good spot in the family cemetery in the field behind our house, where we put your mama's ashes last year ... with room enough beside my headstone for you to join me someday ... in God's time.'" 

The couple have one daughter together, not-quite-2-year-old Indiana, and Rory has two daughters, Heidi, 29, and Hopie, 27, that Joey has helped raise since the couple married.

Moreover, Joey+Rory's upcoming Hymns That Are Important To Us CD is available for preorder exclusively at This deluxe CD package includes never-before-seen photos of Joey+Rory and their family, a magnet, lyrics, excerpts and stories from Rory's blog, "This Life I Live," and a closer look into the couple's journey creating this album together. Cracker Barrel Old Country Store® will donate $1.00 of the retail sales price of each deluxe CD package sold while supplies last to the Loeys-Dietz Syndrome Foundation, a nonprofit supported by the musical duo. 

"Joey and I feel blessed to partner with Cracker Barrel for the deluxe package of our new hymns album," said Rory. "These songs of faith and hope mean so much to us, and to have them wrapped within intimate stories and photos from our lives is a dream come true. We are both big fans of the restaurant, and our family has held hands and said blessings over many meals there throughout the years." 

Hymns That Are Important To Us features 13 tracks that "capture the words and melodies that were the soundtrack to Joey's childhood," said Rory. "It's the one Joey has always wanted to make - filled with the hymns she grew up with."   The album provides an intimate glimpse into the husband and wife's life-changing year and includes "When I'm Gone," a song that has special meaning to the couple, who approached Cracker Barrel about the partnership. "We recorded the album in a studio in Nashville early in the summer - just after recovering from [Joey's] first big surgery in Chicago," Rory said. "And then she did her vocals where she hotel rooms, our house, wherever and whenever she felt up to singing." 

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