Covenant Worship Set to Release "Take Heart"

Covenant Worship

Covenant Worship, the music ministry of Covenant Church will release their Integrity Music album, Take Heart. The album is available as both a 14-track physical album and a 16-track digital album, as well as a physical songbook and a CD-ROM digital songbook.

Recorded last fall at Covenant's annual worship arts conference, Take Heart features worship pastors David and Nicole Binion and team members including Joshua DuFrene and Colin Edge. The four co-wrote the songs included on Take Heart, as well as on Covenant's previous albums, including Kingdom and Standing.

Expanding on the title song and underlying theme for Take Heart, David Binion explains: "In the Old Testament, Moses was instructed to write a song and teach it to his children and his children's children so that they would remember what God said. So as we search the scriptures for inspiration, we lean in to hear what God is saying, then we translate it to music to make it easy to remember. If the world ever needed to hear the Voice of God, it certainly does in this season... He is always speaking. It is up to us to listen."

"My greatest desire for this project is that it would bring hope and encouragement to everyone that hears it," adds DuFrene. "One of the things we were very intentional about during the writing process for this record was making sure we had the name of Jesus in our lyrics. There is something unexplainable that happens when we sing His name together. The atmosphere changes... I want people to play these songs and experience the hope, freedom, healing, and victory that comes when we lift up the name above every name, the matchless name of Jesus."

Stand out tracks for Take Heart include the title song along with "Beautiful," a ballad cowritten by Nicole Binion and led by her and her daughter Gracie, "There Is A Name," written and led by DuFrene, and promise-filled songs like "The Battle Is Yours," also performed by Nicole, and "God Is In Control," led by new team member Nathan Walker. Gracie also adds her voice to several tracks and takes the lead alongside Walker on the song "Motivation."

"Sometimes we can forget the power that we have when we worship together," comments Colin Edge. "The Word says that two can put ten thousand to flight, and the way a song can unify people in one voice is an incredible thing. So when we sing these songs that remind us how big our God is and how we are strong as his Church, courage always rises up in the hearts of everyone who hears."


In addition to the 14-track physical album, the 16-track digital album also features two bonus tracks, including "Isn't The Name," a song penned and led by Jonathan Stockstill, pastor and worship leader for Bethany Church in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

The Take Heart album will be available in Christian retail stores and through all major digital service providers with the songbook available through, Amazon and directly through Integrity at



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