MDSN Talks About Creating a New Sound for This Generation


Sixteen year-old MDSN has just released her brand new Integrity Music single "Kerosene."  Fusing pop, EDM and acoustic styles with worshipful, praise-filled lyrics, MDSN is creating a new exciting sound. The single  "Kerosene," produced by Kyle Lee and co-written by MDSN with Lee and Rhyan Shirley, offers a small taste of MDSN's joyful energy and the project to come.

Writing since elementary school, at age nine she penned a feel-good pop tune that caught the interest of Disney Channel music executives. Over the next few years, MDSN and her parents kept crossing paths with Disney reps and for a while, it seemed that a career as a pop princess might be ahead of her. But MDSN quickly decided that her heart and God's calling were pulling her in a different direction.

MDSN takes her first steps on this journey with "Kerosene," available for sale/streaming through all major digital service providers and to CHR and Christian Hot AC radio stations.

Q: Thank you Madison for doing this interview with us. Why do you call yourself MDSN?

MDSN, pronounced Madison, is actually my first name. My full name is Madison Grace Binion, so with it being my real name, I feel that it represents the real me, you know? :)

Q: With both your parents being worship leaders, how has that influenced you and your view of worship?

Being raised around worship my entire life has definitely prepared me for this lifestyle and for ministry. I wouldn't be capable of doing this without the childhood I've had... I take most of my inspiration from my parents!

Q: You have also been involved in a couple of Covenant Worship's (where your parents serve as worship leaders) albums. What was your role there?

Yes, I had the privilege of being part of the worship team for two Covenant recordings including the Sand & Stars album. My parents were the worship pastors at Covenant for 9 years but have recently started traveling full time for ministry. My role at Covenant was leading with the youth worship team. It was great experience!

Q: You must be the youngest signee at Integrity Music! In your press release, the label mentioned that you are bringing a new sound to worship music! Can you describe this new sound that you bring?

I feel like my sound is fresh... it's new, but it's old in a sense that it has a retro feel. It's definitely a reflection of me and my generation and so many musical influences.

Q: Let's talk about "Kerosene." Did you write this new song? Why are you excited about this song?

I wrote "Kerosene" with some amazing writer friends, Kyle Lee and Rhyan Shirley. The meaning behind the song was to really spread God's fire. The song is my expression of bold faith... it's me telling everyone about how much I love Jesus. And miraculously, God placed the song in such an important time in history, with all of the violence and hate in our culture, I'm praying that the song will spread joy and really bring truth and light to the darkness.

Q: Are you following this up with a new album? If so, what can we expect from it?

I'm definitely releasing more music soon! I'm working hard and I'm so excited for what's to come. Expect some great stuff!! I'm hoping to go more personal lyrically, so I can emotionally connect with the people who listen to my music... whether that be relating to loneliness that they experience, or a broken relationship, or whatever they're going through, I want to connect with them so that I can show them what keeps me going... Jesus!

Q: In the song you speak of how Christ has lighted his fire in you, how did you first feel his flame and come to know Jesus?

Being raised as a pastor's kid and growing up in church, I've been blessed to have always been around the things of God. I can't remember a time when I didn't love, trust and follow Jesus. He's always made himself present in my life. Every day, I make the choice to follow Him and every decision is a decision to glorify Him. Whether that means demonstrating kindness, forgiveness... I want others to see His love and light and want to follow Him. 


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