Exclusive Interview: 11th Hour Opens Up About Their New Album "What a Moment"

11th Hour

Award winning Gospel trio 11th Hour is set to release their new album What A Moment. Officially hitting the street February 12, 2016, the new project is no doubt the best 11th Hour has ever produced. Lead vocalist for the group Amber Eppinette shared, "We have poured every ounce of our hearts into this album and we truly believe you guys will feel and hear that. This album CHANGES EVERYTHING."

Hallels:  I must say "What a Moment" is one of my favorite albums of yours.  Thank you for releasing such a powerful record. Why did you call the album "What a Moment"? 

The cd is called What A Moment because we wanted people to pause and take time to realize even in the midst of trials, there's always a hope and when you have the presence of God in your life, it's a moment that's unforgettable and life changing. 

Hallels:  What was the greatest joy and challenge in the making of this new record?

It is always fun for us when the tracking process begins because we have a fun time adding ideas to the songs and love working with the team at crossroads. Great musicians and a producer, Jeff Collins. They really help us put our heart in the music. 

The challenge would have to be learning the songs after the recording process is over. It seems like every new cd we do, it gets more challenging vocally but, we love it. 

Hallels: In many of the songs, you re-visited the narratives of the Bible and brought them to life again.  What's the value of re-telling these Biblical stories again in songs?

The value of bringing in the characters of the bible is the fact, the word is living and every story in the word can be used as a symbolism to our lives. 

Hallels:  Did you specifically look out for these Bible-story songs when you were choosing songs for this record? 

We didn't. It's honestly just a God thing how the songs came to us and how they fit the theme of this album so perfectly! It's encouraging. 

Hallels:  One of the of the songs I raved about in my review of the album is "He Wekcomes a Beggar," which is co-written by Amber. The song is a re-telling of Jesus' parable of Lazarus and the rich man.  What inspired to re-visit this parable of Jesus again? 

So many times we get so familiar with the parables that we tend to forget "little" yet big things. This story and what Kenn and I tried out best to portray in the song is the message of salvation. To the world's eye.. Lazarus had nothing. He even had sores on his skin. He would have been better off dead. He was begging a rich man that had everything to the world yet wouldn't even give Lazarus a crumb. But the beauty is when Lazarus and the rich man dies... The roles reverse... You then have the rich man begging the beggar because NOW Lazarus is the rich man receiving all of God's eternal riches. It's the same for us... We aren't living and existing for this life. Wether we are rich or poor, if we have Jesus, we truly have EVERYTHING. 

Hallels:  Your new single is "Mountain Moving Faith."  For our readers who have not heard it yet,what is the song about?  Why did you choose to record this song? 

We love this song because it encourages us to test our faith more. It talks about Peter walking on the water... Some of us say we have faith yet we never get out of the boat. It's time to get out of the boat because the faith we have access to is powerful enough to move the mountains. 

Hallels:  Speaking of mountain moving faith, can you relate an incident where you did experience mountain moving faith? 

We experience it on a day to day basis. The biggest moments that faith is exercised is when a soul is saved. They don't know what's ahead... They just trust God and have faith in him. It's a wonderful thing to be a part of and to witness. 

Hallels:  For our readers who would like to see your live or/and purchase your music, where can they go?

Our music is on iTunes.

Facebook/Instagram/Twitter:11th Hour GG 

Read Our Review Here 

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