Songs that Paint: 11th Hour Talks About Their New Album "Picture This"

11th Hour

Amber Eppinette, Jaquita Lindsey, and Grant Gibson-collectively known as 11th Hour-will be releasing their brand new album "Picture This" on June 17th.  This is their much anticipated sophmore record with Crossroads Records.  We are privileged to be able to catch up with Amber for this Hallels' exclusive interview:

Hallels:  I must say I was really looking forward to hearing your upcoming "Picture This."  Was the putting together of this album a long process?  What's the greatest joy in the recording of this album?

This project was a long process in choosing the right songs, writing the right songs, and also arranging them. The greatest joy, we'd have to say, would be in the message behind each song. A lot of times in choosing songs, we never see the whole message the songs (together) make until the finished project. Also, singing with your best friends that have the same goal in mind as you is always a joyous time. 

Hallels:  This is also your second album with Crossroads, how's it like working with them? 

Crossroads is more than just a label for us. They have become our family and we can honestly say, "WE ARE IN GREAT HANDS". They have gone above and beyond in promoting this group and our albums. We look forward to many more years with them. 

Hallels:  How do you get to choose these songs?  Is it always a consensus as to which song makes it to the final cut?  Or is it more each person choosing his or her own favorites? 

In choosing these songs, we take as many demos as possible from writers within the label and also writers out side of the label. You never know what hit may be hidden within these writers hands. Once we have the demos, we will start praying for God to place the right songs into our hearing. With this project, there were so many great songs it was hard to narrow down 20 GREAT songs into just 10 for the album BUT with the guidance of God and our label, we were able to come up with the album "PICTURE THIS". 

Hallels:  With "Picture This," what's the main picture you are trying to paint?  In other words, if you could sum up the message of the album in a sentence or two what would it be?

This album is one big PICTURE. These songs paint pictures about the different aspects in this life and also our life in Heaven.

Hallels:  What's the name of the first single coming out of this record?  Can you tell our readers what the song's about?

The song that is out now, our first release, is How Will You Plead written by me (Amber Eppinette) and Dianne Wilkinson. This song is a cry out to everyone thinking they can live however they please because they'll live forever. Judgment is coming and God's word will NOT fail so, How will YOU plead when satan cries your guilty?  

Hallels:  If our readers would like to purchase "Picture This" or find out more about you, where can they go?
You can purchase the cd at, itunes, our website, or facebook.
Facebook: 11th Hour Gospel Group 
Twitter: 11thHourGG

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