Joey Feek's Hometown Prays for the Dying Singer

Joey Feek

Joey Feek, one half of the Christian country duo Joey + Rory Feek, is dying after her bout with terminal Stage IV cancer.  In a recent blog post, husband Rory Feek has revealed that Joey has said goodbye to the entire family.  What is most heartbreaking is that Joey asked to kiss their two year-old daughter Indiana one last tie before she goes into her deep sleep.  These days Joey spends most of her days sleeping.

But the people in Joey's hometown of Alexandria, Ind., are showing their support for the beloved singer in a variety of ways. Local resident Nancy Cook's kids grew up with Joey, and she and her son have put up signs of support for the singer along State Road 28.

"Every time I look at the sign, I pray for her," Cook says. "I pray for a miracle or what's God's will."

"The way she is living her life right up until the very end is nothing short of an inspiration, not only to us in Alexandria, but all over the world," Howell observes.

Alexandria-Monroe High School coach Jon Howell coaches the basketball team on which Joey once played, and he remembers her as a standout student and person.

"She didn't just sing, she was pure country even as a young child," he tells Alexandria news station WISH. "She was a tremendous talent from the start."

Howell has taped a picture of Joey to his office door, accompanied by the message, "Find someone strong, confident, intelligent, faithful, and learn."

"It's all about people paying attention to her life and how she's chosen to live it at the end," he says.


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