Tanya Tucker Hospitalized & Needs Prayers

Tanya Tucker

Country music veteran and outspoken Christian Tanya Tucker has called for prayers.  She has been hospitalized because of severe bronchitis. Ever since the 70s, Tucker has flooded country radio with hits such as "Delta Dawn," "Down to My Last Teardrop," "Little Things" and many others.  However, over the last few years, Tucker has not been well. 

The "It's a Little Too Late" singer has had battled depression after the deaths of her parents, as well as a cosmetic procedure that went terribly wrong.

"I probably spent half a million dollars on doctors," she told Closer Weekly. "I took medications, did shock treatments and tried everything with the exception of being put into a straitjacket."

Tucker reveals that prayer guided her through the darkest times.

"I think that's probably what helped me the most, is, I went to a monastery right outside of Aspen, and I went really for my friend, who had breast cancer, and it had spread," she says. "But she's in remission now, and we're so thankful for that. But she had went to this monastery where there's 20 monks outside of Aspen, and I really connected with it. When you have 20 women praying, laying their hands on you and saying prayers or you, it's pretty powerful. Very powerful. And I found some sort of a strength there. And I'm going back again this year."

As a result of her illness, her gig at the Florida Strawberry Festival in Tampa Bay at 3:30PM on Friday had to be postponed. Festival organizers broke the news on Thursday afternoon (March 10), Patch reports. "Ms. Tucker has been admitted to the hospital due to complications from bronchitis," Florida Strawberry Festival General Manager Paul Davis says in a statement. "She hates to disappoint her fans but needs to focus on her health."








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