Exclusive Interview: How You Can be Part of Ayiesha Woods' New Album

Ayiesha Woods

Known for her hit songs "Happy" and "Big Enough," the multi-talented Ayiesha Woods has that unique ability to weld Gospel, reggae, pop, urban, funk and worship all into her songs.  With a Grammy Award nomination and two nods from GMA Dove Award Nominations, Woods is set to return with her first album since 2009'S "Christmas Like This."  As fans we have an important part to play in helping Woods with her new album "It's Time."  Read on to see how we an be part of her new album project for this Hallels' exclusive interview with Ayiesha Woods: 

Hallels:  Ayiesha, thanks for your time.  Your last album "Christmas Like This" was released in 2009, what have you been doing since that time until now? 

AW: Since my last full length project "Christmas Like This" in 2009 until now I've been writing, producing, playing events; I got married in 2010, we had our first son in 2012, began recording for my new project in 2013 and had our second son late in the same year! Primarily busy on the home front, though. Enjoying being a wife and mother.
Hallels:  Since your debut record, you have been with Gotee Records, but currently you are no longer with the label, what happened there?

AW: Before I signed with Gotee Records, I was an independent artist building my brand. My debut record "What You Do To Me" was actually released 2 years prior to my record deal with Gotee. During the time of my last two projects with them, the music industry had undergone major changes and just about every artist I knew at the time was effected in some way or another. I had gotten to a place where I felt like it was time to pursue my independent artistry again. 
Hallels:  You have a brand new album coming this year.  It will be released independently.  Tell us more about this new record.  What is your vision for this new album?  What do you hope to accomplish through this new project? When do you anticipate its release date? 

AW: Yes! I have a new record coming out this year! It's called "It's Time" and I am excited about it, indeed! It is my first full length project to be released since 2009. It will be similar to my independent record in that it is quite an eclectic work. Multiple genres being represented; a celebration of musical diversity. I hope that people will develop a great appreciation for content; the story, if you will. 
Hallels:  What will be the musical direction of this record?  Gospel? Christian pop?  Worship?
AW: "It's Time" will have multiple genres represented, as a matter of fact. Similar to my independent record "What You Do To Me." Pop, reggae, contemporary gospel, rock, even country music! Eclectic in essence.

Hallels:  Who will you be working on this new record?  Any notable producer or song writers or guest vocalists? Are you writing most of the songs?  

AW: On this project, I've taken an absolute delight in writing and producing with my best friend and covering, my husband Joseph Hillery. I'm also very excited about the production of several songs by my brother, Donald Woods. And Anthony Morra; producer and musician extraordinaire! All of these great men have in some aspect been a part and involved in Ayiesha Woods records in the past. (My husband and brother dating back to my first independent release back in 2002)
Hallels:  Are there any songs on this new record that you are super excited about?  And why? 

AW: (All smiles as I answer this question) There's a song on "It's Time" called Better Days. The hook says "They say better days are coming 'round... but better days are HERE NOW!" 

So many people I know have been through some trying times these last few years, including myself. Sometimes when going through things, we forget that it's temporary and we see 'better days' as being so far off; but we can't live for any tomorrows,  so I say my better days are here NOW! This song is an anthem for me, which is why I'm very excited about it! :-)
Hallels:  This album is funded via  For our readers who are not familiar with Kickstarter, can you tell us what it is?  And how can fans help in funding for this album? 

AW: Kickstarter is an online crowd funding platform that allows fans, followers and believers in creative projects to fund them and bring them to life! They can do so by pledging any amount to one's campaign. There are unique rewards for certain pledge amounts; for example in our campaign, for a pledge of $25 USD you will be rewarded an autographed, pre-released copy of "It's Time." The thing is,  If we do not reach our goal by our deadline April 25, 2014, all that is pledged will be refunded. Basically it's an all or nothing deal. So I need your pledges! If you will pledge an amount and share it, we can reach our goal and release "It's Time" in June 2014!!  


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