Ayiesha Woods Reflects on Her Career from Her Gotee Records Days to Her New Album

Ayiesha Woods

Ayiesha Woods was brought into the US music scene when tobyMac was vacationing in Jamaica. After hearing Woods on the radio, tobyMac was smitten. Later, Woods was given an offer to sign with Gotee Records and she was given a chance to make a record in the US.  "Introducing Ayiesha Woods" was the result.  Released in 2006, the album won Woods both a Grammy nomination as well as a GMA Dove Awards nomination.  More importantly, Woods has made her way into the hearts of countless fans with songs such as "Happy" and "Big Enough."  After another Gotee album, "Love Like This," Woods took a hiatus.  After which, she decided to take the independent route.

"The Runway Project" is by far Woods' best album to date.  Each song here functions like her very own children, such as, Woods takes the time to nurture them in order to mature them in their own unique ways.  

Q: Ayiesha, thank you for your time.  How did you first feel's God's calling into music? 

I first felt God calling me into music ministry in my late teens. I would write songs and share them with friends and family and as time went on, more and more people inquired about my music. They would ask for recordings of my work. It was then that I knew that what God had given me was for more than just me. 

Q:  How did that lead you to signing and working with the folks at Gotee Records? 

I recorded an independent project back in 2001 and released it in 2002. That record (What You Do To Me) landed in Toby Mac's hands in his travels. He reached out to me and almost a year later,  I signed with Gotee Records.

Q:  You had two fabulous albums with Gotee as well as a Christmas offering.  Also, you earned a Dove Award nomination, what were some of the highlights during your Gotee days?

Thanks. I'd have to say touring; both nationally and internationally. Also the multiple nominations and wins from highly esteemed music recognition organizations. 

Q:  What happened after that?  Why did you leave Gotee Records? 

I left Gotee to get married and begin a family. I took a bit of an extended hiatus, if you will!! My time away turned into four years.

Q:  "The Runway Project" is your second independent album.  What were some of the joys and challenges of making this album on your own?

Challenges First! *insert smile* The majority of The Runway Project was recorded while I was pregnant with our third child. Pregnancy in and of itself has it's share of challenges; so coupled with the pressures of recording a new project, I'd have to say that was probably the main one.

And for the Joys! I had the great privilege of working with my husband on The Runway Project. We wrote together. We produced together. We recorded together. We finished the construction of our recording studio together. It has been a joyous journey and a work I'm quite proud of.

Q:  When I was reviewing your album, I raved about the title cut "Runway," it's my favorite song.  How did this song come about?

Ironically, we had established the title of the project long before the song ever existed. We (me & the hubs) ended up writing Runway so that we'd have a title cut! :-)

Q:  What are your hopes for this album?  How do you wish this album will impact God's kingdom? 

My hope for The Runway Project is that God will use it to draw many people unto Himself. Also that people will hear my heart and be able to truly appreciate and celebrate an independent work.

Q:  Your new single "Hope Again" speaks of hope.  What's your hope for your own life?  

I hope that people will see Jesus in my life. In all that I do, all that I am. So much so that they want to know Him more. 



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