Rory Feek's Civil War-era Film Josephine Premiered at the 2016 Nashville Film Festival

Rory Feek

Rory Feek's Civil War-era film Josephine premiered at the 2016 Nashville Film Festival on Thursday night (April 14). Rory serves as the director of the movie while his daughter Heidi Feek serves as the music supervisor. Starring Alice Coulthard and Boris McGiver, the film is  based on actual events, was directed, co-written and edited by Feek and co-written and produced by Joey + Rory's manager, Aaron Carnahan.

The film is about a Civil War soldier named John Robison, who wrote letters home to his wife, Josephine, while he was away fighting. Years ago, Feek discovered Robison's letters, which inspired Joey + Rory's song "Josephine."

"In 2013, I received an email from a man in Virginia who had seen our music video, and he said he knew of letters that Josephine had also written to John," Feek explains on the Kickstarter page. "When I found and read those letters, I was even more moved by the words she wrote and the love she clearly had for the husband that the war had separated her from. Over the next year and a half, my best friend Aaron Carnahan and I wrote Josephine's story into a full-length screenplay for a movie ... actually, we let her tell us the story that she wanted to tell.

"Page by page, we watched her wait for John until she could wait no more," he continues. "... We followed Josephine and her ragtag unit across three states - over six months, against all odds, with nothing to go on but the belief in the one thing in the world she had left ... love."

"I've always wanted to make movies, and I've just been watching for an opportunity," Feek tells The Boot. "When Aaron and I started writing the script and it came to life, like a song, you just get a sense that this character needs to happen, that this story needs to be told.

"We just started praying and hoping that the doors would open, and they opened as we walked through," he adds. "We've learned so much, and we've met so many incredible people, and they've all been on this journey with us."



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