The McKameys Discuss the Stories Behind Their 52nd Album "Something Worth Saving"

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Through the journey of life we often collect things-something from a special location, or occasion; it may be a photo from a special event or person in our lives. No matter the occasion, each is something worth saving. The McKameys assuredly have had this same experience. Out of their more than fifty years of recording, many of their twenty-plus number one songs have come about this way. 

Something Worth Saving is filled with songs that are just that. The McKameys have a proven recipe for lyrically strong, Biblically backed songs delivered with passion and feeling that can only come from living what they are singing. In the title song Something Worth Saving, there are reminders that "though I feel I'll never be worthy, my God is real and so is His mercy. He must have seen something worth saving when He saved me." 

Q: Congratulations on the release of your new album "Something Worth Saving". This must be your 52nd album! After all these years, how do you keep your music fresh and engaging?    

Peg-  This is our 52nd project. I really search songs for the deep meaning that conveys what I want people to know about our Lord.

Q: Tell us about "Something Worth Saving," what were some of the most memorable moments in the making of this album? 

Peg-  We were fighting allergies, cold and coughs when we did scratch vocals. The Lord helped our voices when we did the vocals.

Q: Why did you decide to name the album "Something Worth Saving"? 

Peg- "Something Worth Saving" is a statement that we want to convey to the world. It expresses to everyone that God saw something in us that no one else could see. Oh, How he loves us!!!!

Q: For our readers who may not have heard the record yet, can you briefly introduce a couple of the songs on the album that you are really excited about? 

Peg- Yes! Connie has a special song on this project. Roger sings a great song. Mr. Ruben sings "Something Worth Saving", all ten songs are great songs.  We have some new writers songs on this project as well.  I am so excited about Sheryl's song "That's why There's A Cross". This is our very first single, it is tremendous.

Q: With so many records under your belt, it is tough to choose your song list when you are called to do a concert? So, how do you decide which songs to sing?

Peg- It is not tough at all.  We will sing what we are led to sing from this great list of songs that God has given to us.

Q: You have been with Horizon/Crossroads since 1992. What is it about the people at Horizons that you really appreciate?

Peg- We appreciate their talents. They help us with the recordings. They are very business minded and the handle that part really well also. We love them all at Horizon/Crossroads!

Q: What I really appreciate about this new album is that you always keep the Gospel and Biblical truths central, why should the Gospel be central to all your songs? 

Peg- This is why we sing!  We want to present the Gospel that is the reason we sing. We present Jesus through our songs. 

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