Peg McKamey of the McKameys Talks to Hallels About Their 51st Album "What If"

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On June 16, the McKameys are releasing their 51st album via Crossroads Records entitled "What If."  It all started way back in 1954 in the home of a Christian minister where three of his daughters decided to sing in church one Sunday.  Dora, Peg and Carol McKamey not only caused a stir in their home church, but soon they were attracting the attention of out of town evangelists.  They began singing at revivals which really got the ball rolling.  Despite several configurations in the group's makeup over the years, the McKameys became a tour de force in Southern Gospel music over last six decades.  Not only they have mustered 16 number one records, they average over 150 touring dates a year.

We are privileged to be able to catch up with Peg for this exclusive Hallels' interview: 

Hallels:  Congratulations on the release of "What If."  This must be your 51st album, did you approach the making of this album any different from your previous albums?

Peg: Yes, it is our 51st recording and we approached it the same way we always do: prayer and listening to 100's of songs.

Hallels:  Why did you choose to call the album "What If"?

Peg: We thought this would be a catchy title, and "What If" is also a song title on the new project. 

Hallels:  What lessons do you wish listeners would grasp after listening to this new record? 

Peg: We have been told by different people that they have been ministered too; each of these songs we hope will be a ministry. 

Hallels:  I really like it that you are always committed to pen new songs for each album instead of just recording covers.  Did it take a long time to write and find these songs? 

Peg: Yes! It takes a lot of thought and hearing a lot of demos!

Hallels:  One of the songs I really love is "While I Wait," what's the story behind this song? 

Peg: The Lord gives these to our daughter along with the music and we choose to record them for the message that helps us and we feel it will help others.

Hallels:  Have you incorporated some of these new songs into your live shows yet?  If you have, which songs from this album do you enjoy singing most?  

Peg: We are singing these new songs and we enjoy them all!

Hallels:  For our readers who would like to find out more about you or/and purchase the new record, where can they go? 

Peg:  To McKameys or call 865-457-3678 or come see us in person. Let us know if we can be of further help to you.  


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