Rory Feek Shares a Heartwarming Video of Joey Ahead of Movie Opening

Joey Feek

Rory Feek will be releasing the upcoming movie "To Joey, With Love" later this year.  The movie chronicles the couple's journey all the way to the release of their final hymns album Hymns that Are Important to Us to Joey's death. Joey died after a bout with cancer.  In preparation for the film's release, Roey shares a video of his dear wife during one of those priceless moments when she would be out working in her garden with daughter Indiana not far from her side.

"Did y'all get a chance to see this beautiful footage of Joey with Indy 'In the Garden?,' the post read. "Such sweet, sweet love of a mother and daughter together. I just want to give you a reminder that 'To Joey, With Love' will be in theaters next month on Sept. 20, one night only. You can find a list of theaters and get your tickets here:"

The garden has remained a symbol of new life and new beginnings for Rory, who is still learning to live without his beloved Joey by his side. "I've spent most of the summer working on the film and watching Joey in the garden, planting and weeding and harvesting, year after year," Rory shared in an Aug. 9 blog post. "You see her in her garden just weeks after she had the baby, and before and after every surgery she had. To say that she loved it is an understatement. Joey not only found solace working in her garden, it's where she talked with God and He reassured that everything was going to be okay... even when it wasn't going to be okay."

"Although the garden this year isn't even close to what it would be if Joey was still here, I think she would've been proud of it," Rory wrote. "Proud of us.  And even more so, proud that that little patch of land that she loved so much is still bringing friends and family together, and feeding her loved ones. What a beautiful blessing."







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