INTERVIEW: Alabama Rapper Sarg Shares on New EP and Other Fan Questions

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Alabama rapper, Sarg, real name, Tynarial Jones, has been making quite an impact in the area of Christian Music. This young, edgy, and energetic Gospel Rapper brings a lot to the table when it comes to his craft. Not only is he an artist, but he is also a song writer, producer, and studio engineer. Since 2008, Sarg has been a faithful component of the group Nu Mind--a highly celebrated youth ministry within the city of Dothan. With compassionate, instructional, and hope-filled lyrics, Sarg exudes confidence and Southern Swag, within the realms of Christian Rap and Hip Hop. Sarg's enthusiasm to take risks and do things in the far left field for God has labeled him a rising force and one to be reckoned with. 

We would like to thank Sarg for taking the time to speak with us. 

Hallels: Tell us about your latest full length project?
Sarg: "I am currently in the final stages of completing my EP "Sarg"  and will be releasing it within the next month or so."

Hallels: How would you describe your sound for people that haven't heard of you guys and what artists have influenced your sound?

Sarg: "I believe my sound is cross over capable. I've work to fuse Pop, Rock and Rap into one giant energetic concoction. Usher Raymond, I must say has inspired me to expand my capacity and Lecrae has encouraged me to be edgy and take the risk while being a Rapper that's a Christian."

Hallels: Tell us the story behind your song, "The Press"?
Sarg: "It was birthed out of a sermon I heard from a local Pastor here in Dothan, AL. Deronte' Martin. The sermon spoke volume to me dealing with everything  I was experiencing. I was listening to the instrumental one night and the words to the hook just oozed out; later followed the verses all just venting what I was going through at that time."

Hallels: How is the Alabama Christian music scene?
Sarg: "Alabama is very heavily receptive to Quartet's and Choir's. They are still getting use to we who worship through Rap."

Hallels: What advise would you give to other up and coming artists? 
Sarg: "Genuinely love what you do. If money is you central focus, chances are you won't make it in this profession. Build relationships and/or a team with people that Practice Professionalism. Remain humble and true to who you are as an artist."

Hallels: If you could collaborate with one Secular Artist and one Christian Artist, who would you choose?
Sarg: "Lil Wayne and Lecrae."

Hallels: Do you have a current scripture that has been speaking to you? Or a personal favorite book you have been reading? 
Sarg: "I'm currently reading Bishop Jake's new book "Instinct" and I am LOVING IT!"

Hallels: If you could each play professionally for any sports team for one day, who would you pick? 
"The New Orleans Saints."

Hallels: What are your touring plans for the rest of 2014?
Sarg: "To either begin one or join one being the release of my EP is drawing near."

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